May 12, 2016

Mixed media and the Gelli plate

Hello Everyone.
When you play with the Gelli plate, you end up with quite a number of wonderful backgrounds, I usually set aside an afternoon and just print off sheet after sheet of different substrates to use at my leisure. Below is one such print, as you can see I have used some embossing paste randomly to add more texture.
Here is the card that was made from this piece of paper.
I have used the JOFY 24 set of stamps to make the flower.
JOFY Stamp Set 24
   I then worked on my substrate with a few glazes to bring out more contrast and depth.
Top right you will observe some gold flakes.
The centre of the flower is a collection of glass beads.
I made a strip using organza in similar colours.

Click on images for closeup details.

Inspiration was this post by Sue Carrington, the magenta on her flowers popped for me.


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Jackie P Neal said...

Beautiful Susan! I love how you created those floral stamps into your own design- gorgeous!
xo Jackie