Sep 11, 2015

Taking a break.

Hello Everyone,
Some of you may have noticed I have not been very active on my blog or indeed around your blogs of late, I have decided to spend more time at the craft table and less time on the computer..
The reason for this decision is that my youngest daughter is getting married next year and I am  making the album all the paper requirements.
It is going to be a busy time designing and organising everything; not to mention exciting.

This is not a Goodbye.
I still hope to post up on occasion.



JackieP Neal said...

Enjoy your break and the wedding dear friend! We'll see you when you return-hopefully with photos to share! xo

Lisa Minckler said...

Helllloooooo Onion!!!
I was wondering when you were going to make this post. I think it's swell!!! Well, not the missing you part in blogland, but just knowing that you're having so much fun over there! No worries here if I don't hear from you for awhile, but I'll keep your seat warm for when you come back. I'm certain I'll drop you a line now and then to give you a friendly harassing.
Biggest of hugs to you my friend,
Quirks :)

Rosemary said...

hello sue!!! I shall miss your lovely, spot on and super informative comments (I have learned so much about art, color theory, etc. from you!!) and your never fail to make me laugh blog posts, but I am so excited by what the future is bringing your way!! In the grand scheme of life things like blogging and commenting should always take a back seat to those who truly make our life rich and full... our families and friends! I hope that over the next year as you help your daughter prepare for her wedding that you will occasionally share what you have created with the rest of us! hugs and smiles, my friend and much happiness to your daughter!!

Greta said...

Hope you'll share some pics now & then--would love to see what you make for the wedding projects--so exciting! Enjoy this fun time, Sue!

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