Jun 15, 2015

Drama in Art

Hello Everyone,
I can confidently say that I am not about to jump off a cliff or anything similar to end my life.
Why am I telling you this, well when you view my canvas you may be concerned that my state of mind is worrisome. Rob's reaction was to interrogate me, but like I said to him and what I say to you now is look at it as a piece of ART; it relates sadness, depression and hopelessness..... there is no connection to how I am feeling.
I have tried to relate the dark side of creativity; when you have a block. All great Artists went through periods of darkness; Picasso to name one. I am not for one minute pretending to be a great Artist, goodness me I mess with mixed media and paper, it is uncomplicated as it sounds.

Hope I do not depress you for the rest of the day!

The canvas was primed with gesso before building up layers of numerous glazes to obtain a depth I was happy with, I also added embossing paste where she is sitting for a little texture.
The words are computer generated.

Her face maybe hidden but we all feel her distress.

Over at Paper Artsy Challenge Blog the theme is hidden objects, however you can interpret as you like, I was inspired by the hidden faces; (Crafty Dogma  and this little guy) that were shown as examples by Leandra. 

Do have a happy and joyful day.
Sue .


Jackie PN said...

This is outstanding! What a gorgeous background of layers and your theme and sentiment- are right on to reveal what you intended! I love this canvas! Your drawing figure skills are fabulous- wish I could do the same! Love this!! xo
ps..tell your hub, it's an artist thing! heehee because yes, you are, an artist! A good one at that!

Rosemary said...

Hello Sue! Your canvas is an absolutely stunning work of ART! When I saw your canvas I didn't set a sense of sadness or depression, but one of stillness and solitude. Whatever the case it is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Your artistry never ceases to amaze me! Hugs & smiles!!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Sue sweetie. I don't think your lady is distressed, just meditating. This is a lovely canvas with great feeling. You are right many great artists suffered for their art. I think that Vincent must be one of the most famous for this. Many of them painted over their work too, often dissatisfied with the results.
Many thanks for the visit to mine and hope you have a great week.
Angela xXx

Lucy Edmondson said...


Lucy x

experiments in paper said...

Oh, your quote is oh so true!! And so glad to hear this is an observation, and not an actuality for you :-)

xxx Lynn

Hazel Agnew said...

I love everything about it! The splatters of paint, the outlining of the words, the drama of the figure! Outstanding!

Greta said...

This is beautiful & I don't really think it's depressing! Actually, it is good not to obsess & to have a positive attitude even when things don't seem to be going well. Glad it doesn't reflect your state of mind, my friend!

butterfly said...

So glad I found some time to catch up, Sue - I'm blown away by every project so far - and each one so different. What a creative roll you're on.

This really spoke to me... not at present, with life busy and productive, but I have been there, and the figure is so eloquent of her state of mind - as are the words. The layered background gives such depth to the piece too.
Alison xx

Lisa Minckler said...

I love it!!! She looks like me when I'm breathing through the cramps every month and I pretty much tell myself the same thing..."this too shall pass, just have faith and like 5 more Midol."
I think it's fabulous that you took a turn to the darker more intense feelings. You've conveyed it beautifully with her pose and the sentiment resonates hope.
Nicely done :)

Brenda Brown said...

I can relate to this at the moment - but love how you have created it. fabulous xxx