Feb 25, 2015

Shabby meets Drips and Drops

Hello Everyone,
The Challenge over at Country View Crafts-(Drips and Drops) is just about coming to an end, and so far we have had some wonderful inspiration not only from my fellow Dt's, but also from our entries. I have one last card to entice you to join in, it is my favourite genre Shabby-Chic and I have included some mixed media.
 I may upset a few Shabby-Chic enthusiasts in doing so, but I think it works wonderfully well.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

I enjoy making these cards as it always makes me feel as if I have accomplished something.

The process in making the Mixed Media Background.

The previous photos show the stages of applying the paints, below I have dry embossed and added white drips and drops.
Now for the Shabby part.....
....and the Glamour
Marrying them together.
Front and finished view.

Remember you can click on the pics for a more detailed look.

And I am entering this into:
 Simon Says Monday Challenge -'Anything Goes' .
The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge -'Think Pink .'

Thank you for the visit, you can find the CVC challenge HERE.


Feb 7, 2015

Visual Journal Page.

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my new friends, hope you enjoy following me.

Here I am with another double spread for my Journal and Brenda's Feb link up of her 'Visual Journey' record. I try really hard not to think about what the page should look like, more towards where I want to go with my Art.....so far I have no answers that is why I have left the text open ended.
But looking at it now it could be finished off as -This Year I will... 'Smell the Roses.'

Apologies for no steps but my Journal is more about me than anything else and I do not want to pause frequently to take snaps.

The roses were cut from a magazine and blended into the Bg with gel medium and Charcoal pencil.

The Bg has Gesso, Acrylic paints, tissue paper, stamps.

 Challenges:  The Mixed Media Monthly-'Think Pink' sponsored by Ellen Hutson.


Feb 6, 2015

A substrate using Tissue Paper.

Hello Everyone,
I have been around long enough for you all to know that I am crazy about texture, I find any technique that creates 'lumps' and 'bumps' or relates a tactile quality then you will find me looking at the screen salivating profusely over the keyboard; I literally drool......
So naturally I am always experimenting to obtain the said effect; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

The days when I decide to be creative with mixed media, I place myself in the Garage where I have set up a work bench, as like all people who believe they are Artists it can get real messy once the brush finds the paint, or in my case the hands.
Common sense would tell me to where gloves!

So here I am after another session in the Garage altering this Book cover, 'Cover' being the apropos word, it did get a little chaotic and messy, but we are all cleaned up again... well the work bench is tidy, not so my hands they will take a little longer.

This month at The Miror Crack'd  the challenge is: Album/ Journal Cover.

Tissue Paper Technique for my substrate.
Let me take you through the process on how I obtained the texture.

First cover with a thin layer of Gesso.

Begin by applying the Tissue in workable pieces onto the dried gesso with Mod Podge.
Start in the centre and work out.

Once it is covered let it dry.

Apply White Acrylic Paint

Make sure you get into all the crevices and folds.
 Let this dry.

Start the first layer adding more texture; plastic netting and Paint.

Second layer.


More Paints and Metallics.

Applying the treasure Gold with my fingers!

Glazing liquid applied to seal.

Preparing the frame- Gesso


Butterfly coloured with Alcohol Inks.

Placed this on a Prima Label.

Last view close up.
Remember you can click on any pic for a closer view.

If you are still with me you have to agree that the tissue paper makes wonderful texture.
Also if this inspires you then why not join in this months Challenge at The Mirror Crack'd. 
 Pop over to see what my fellow teamies have created for you to salivate over.

Have a great day,

Feb 3, 2015

Valentine Card.

Hello Everyone,
My second card this month using Drips and Drops in my design and this time I  made a Valentine Card.

To make the Heart.
I cut two heart shapes freehand out of the cardstock, I painted up one and the smaller one I ripped in half after wet and dry embossing.

Making my drips, I manipulated the ones on the left by running my wet brush down the card first, then dropping the wet paint in the centre, moving my card so that they the paint will run off the edges (top and bottom.)
The drops are White Acrylic paint from a pipette.

I finished off the Heart with a small wooden flower, stitching and Treasure Gold. 
Stamping a border in Blue the White Ink.
Placing some cheesecloth behind.

Adding little buttons.

The text are stick-ons, some cross stitches and tissue tape.

Matting it up with Red and Black cardstock on a Cream Card.

Entering Feb Challenges-

The Challenge for 'Drips and Drops' can be found at Country View Crafts. and it runs for the whole month.

Have a great week,

Feb 1, 2015

'Drips and Drops.'

Hello Everyone,
Today is another new Challenge at Country View Crafts,  and this month I am delighted to be hosting this months Challenge. 
The theme I have chosen  is "DRIPS and DROPS."
If you have never tried this technique, (I don't know if you can actually label it a technique) it is so much fun, that is once you get the knack of moving the drips. They can be stubborn fellows, sometimes they need a little coercion and encouragement to start running...a little like me some days, not that I ever run, that word does not compute!
For my first card, I opted for mixed media as this is what I appear to be leaning towards of late... it will change trust me.

First step- I applied texture paste through a line stencil and let it dry.

First Drips.

Adding more and putting a wash over the Bg.

Adding the Drops.

Adding the glamour.
A Tyvek Flower, organza, bead, tissue tape, and cheesecloth.

The Pink diecuts are off -cuts of a flower border.

Sentiment fromTim Holtz Ideology


Now if you want to play with us this month there is wonderful inspiration from my teamies here.
You have a month to participate.

Have a great day and thank you for the visit.