Jan 4, 2015

A Visual Journey 2015

 Hello Everyone.
 This is a first for me...A Blog Party.
I am not one for journalling, I have tried but I always fail to keep it up.
 Brenda Brown at Bumblebees and Butterflies has started a Visual Journey (blog party) for 2015 and is hoping others will link up with her.

So it is with a little trepidation that I begin this journey of putting things down without too much thought regarding theme or product etc.
On my first page I have dabbed various inks in wild abandonment, because this is what I have to encourage myself to do and forget about PERFECT and just do something.
Of course my tendencies are towards mix media and layers of anything I can find..... So I am leaving this page as is, the words are to remind me to take some risks through the year.
 Hopefully the pages will show this!!!!

Dabbing various Inks then spritzing with water.
Stamped the text... not perfectly.

 Highlighted the inspirational words.
It is a start.

You can link up with Brenda on her site or via the Link below.

'Keeping a visual journal is a journey of experimentation; giving time to be free in expressing yourself and not constrained by others expectations. Practising design, layouts, composition, colour mixing, techniques, materials, mixed media. Creating your own exercises, titles, mood boards, taking yourself out of the box, finding yourself. Bring new ideas to life, to spark you off in new directions, to allow your own imagination and creativity to develop in complete freedom'.


Brenda Brown said...

Yay Sue, thanks for linking and for taking the step to journal without too many constraints. Don't worry about keeping up, this is about your pace, journal whenever you feel like you want to have a go, just make it yours in whatever ways please you. I think you have made a magnificent start, your inky background looks fabulous and I adore the quote you have begun with. Looking forward to seeing the next step of your visual journey too.
Wishing you and Rob a very happy new year full of wonderful promise for the months to come.
big hugs Brenda xxx
PS the linky looks fine to me although you may have added it twice, but it's there and adding new links already. Great job x

butterfly said...

Love the freedom of this page - the inks look amazing just as they are, and I love that word stamp - a brilliant reminder heading into a new year of creativity. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2015!
Alison xx

Marci said...

I really like your journal page.

Dawn Turley said...

fabulous Sue. This background is fabulous. Enjoy your abandonment!

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful inky background Susan! Thanks for the inspiration!

Greta said...

I bet you're going to love this project, Sue! Wonderful start!

Astrid Maclean said...

Love the chosen colours and gorgeous arty feel of your spread Sue, I can feel the joy you had in creating it!!

Sorry I have not been around for so long, but I was in Australia with very little time for the internet. Anyway, back now so look forward to catching up. A belated happy new year to you and yours!!

Jenni Mills said...

I think this is a wonderful page. My word for this year is 'allow'. I am allowing myself to make mistakes, to not be perfect ... to experiment, so your thoughts on this project were quite poingant

Lys Scrap said...

Hello Sue! Glad to discover your blog! I love how colours melt in your work, and in this one the place taken by the words.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I just love the way these colours have blended to make this fab background! The quote says it all! Chrisx

Rosemary said...

love your journal page, sue!