Dec 6, 2014

Mixed Media Book cover.

Hello everyone.
The Mirror Crack'd has a new Challenge up and it is Recycle/Upcycle.
I honestly could not find anything I wanted to recycle, but what I did find is this old exercise book that had never been written in, the cover looked boring, so I up cycled to a more attractive state.
If you remember I gave you a sneak peek when I was constructing it a few months ago.

This cover is full of Mixed Media would not believe how much mess I got into during the process. I have a few photos but understandable not many.

This is the book naked!

Coating of Gesso.

Applying Fibre past through a stencil and adding a cloth doily for texture.

Arranging all the elements.

And this is where I stopped with the photography, but my next step was covering the whole cover with Gesso.
Now a case of layering up Inks and paints to create some depth. 

 Click on pics to see the detail.

You can enter the Challenge here and at the same time have a browse at my fellow Dt creations for more inspiration.

Have a great week,


Merethe Arstein said...

This is great, I whish I could manages these. I may some day. ;)
Hugs Ma Dt TMC

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

ohh my gorgeous texture and colors on your book, Love it!!

Lisa M said...

Oh my...I can only imagine the 'mess' this created, but were you smiling the whole time? I would think this process would have been completely fun and relaxing. Your mixed media transformation here is exceptional Onion!!! It's almost as pretty as the gorgeous Christmas card I have in my house.... YAH!!
hugs to you,
Post still not running in my weird.

crafty creations said...

What a wonderful piece of artwork - all the texture you have created - simply brilliant

Papercraft By Carole said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! The combination of colours is so beautiful!! Your original exercise book is unrecognisable - and a million times times better!! Cxxx

die amelie said...

OMG! This is one of those projects I really would love to be able to touch right away! Not only do I adore the subtle colours you have used and how you combine them, but the texture is just heavenly beautiful! And isn't it always stunning to watch that transformation of various embellishments glued on a substrate into a beautiful whole just by the use of the right colour scheme? It becomes especially visible with this gorgeous piece of art, Sue, and I really looked at it for quite a long time - just to capture all you "did".

You see me stand in awe and admiration, my friend!
Hope you are doing fine and enjoy a lovely advent season!

Big hug,
Claudia xxx

Belinda Basson said...

I love this and know what you mean when you get so engrossed in a project, you forget to take photos... Lovely outcome.

Greta said...

Totally amazing, Sue! From a plain red cover to a masterpiece--wow!

Rosemary said...

as I work my way forward through all the projects I missed over the last 3 months I am just amazed by your talent sue! I would never have the patience to make a project like this one and have it turn out so amazing!