May 1, 2014

Where are the Spoons!!!

Hello Everyone,
Exactly 12months ago, you may remember and then again you may not, that my bloggy friends Lisa Minckler (Quirks) and Mitra Pratt(Mitza Pitza), (I am known as Onion) set ourselves a personal Challenge for a month to tempt the creative juices to flow, well we thought we would challenge ourselves again as we had so much fun and found it so rewarding last time.
I tend to grind down in a slooow death creatively when my muse decides to find a dark space to hibernate, so when Lisa suggested we do another Challenge I was on board before the boat was in the water! The fire in me was relit and I could sense it was going to be hot, hot, hot... I was roused.
 All these metaphors and similes are not enlightening you much are they?
 I will quickly explain the first Project and then you will have to grab a comfy seat as I have many pics.

Lisa came up with a name for us:
 Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats. ( now you can understand why I named her Quirks!) I hope they do inspire and tempt.
All creations are open to interpretation, on any substrate.
All the elements must be included in some form or other.

Week One- Project A.
1. Ways to use numbers and letters.
2. Spoons .
3. Quote.
4. Ruler Art.

I have wanted to make an Album for Scarlett for a long time, not for photos but for sayings and musings; for her to keep. 
This is the cover.

I am entering this into the Artistic Stamper Challenge: In the Garden.
Now you will have to hop over to see Lisa and Mitra's interpretation of this Challenge, I know their creations will be very unique with plenty of flair...can't wait.
Next week is another project... they do not get any easier either.

Thanks for the visit,


butterfly said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous... and your spoon butterfly is inspired! So happy the terrific trio are playing again... looking forward to the adventure!
Alison x

Astrid Maclean said...

I totally agree with Alison, such a terrific idea this and I absolutely adore what you have done! Thanks so much for that glad-wrap ( or cling film as we call it) reminder, that is such a cool technique and the end result is amazing! By the way, I have found that the best way to print on tissue paper is to stick it to normal copier paper with removable sticky tape around the edges. It goes through like a dream that way, and if you just stick down the edges, even when it tears a little when you remove it from the carrier paper, it doesn't matter because torn edges help anyway ones you laer it onto your final substrate.

Anyways, you project looks fabulous and I really love the idea!

Rosemary said...

i am pretty much without any good way of describing how incredibly beautiful... no gorgeous... your album for scarlett is! while it appears you have outdone yourself on this one i know that will not be the case! the layers, textures, and details all come together in a way that only you can do (i know i could never do that, lol!). and honestly i did not think the spoons on the butterfly looked like scissors until i read what you said! i absolutely love them!! hugs & smiles!

Tammy said...

So glad you're doing the challenge again! Fabulous creation and I'm sure a treasured gift! Already looking for to next week!

Mitra Pratt said...

OH MY GOODNESS! THIS is so very elegent and dainty and pretty and WOW!!

Hold on need another look, be right back!

Barb said...

Oh, my goodness, Sue! You created the most gorgeous covers for this album! The details are amazing! The colors and texture are so beautiful! Glad Wrap, mesh, fiber paste, chipboard, lace - such a fun and wonderful mix of elements with fabulous results! LOVE!! ♥

selena said...

c'est magnifique avec tous ces petits détails décos.

Dawn Turley said...

totally incredible Sue. I am so in awe when you create like this. So much texture and colour.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Oh MY! this is fabulous! Thank you for joining us this month for The Artistic Stamper Creative Challenge

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow... Sue, this is such a gorgeous and creative artwork. The spoon on the butterfly is fantastic! I love all the colors and textures. They are amazing! :)

Mary J said...

Another stunner Sue! And so amazing what you did with those spoons!!

Martina2801 said...

What an amazing piece of art, dear Sue! So beautiful and perfect!

Greta said...

My jaw is on the floor, Sue! This will be such a treasure for Scarlett--so gorgeous! All the elements are wonderful, including the spoons with the butterfly--wow! I've never heard that quote--so true.

Ira Huberts said...

Super supercool page Sue, love the different textures and those spoons! You certainly know how to mix media.Gorgeous creation! Hugs, Ira x
Ira’s Crea Corner

Lisa M said...

Okay, okay, you can scold me for taking so long to comment, but I will be honest...a mere speedy compliment would not suffice for me. I literally took this project in for a week and still today, I'm nearly speechless!! I have retrieved my 87 year old grandmother to stay with me for a week and she follows my blog daily and has been to your blog to see this and we have been talking about you and MP for days now. I am BEYOND excited about this memory journal Onion!! First off, the sentiment just lets you know right out the gate that who this is for is someone so special to you it nearly evokes tears thinking of her and secondly, the spoons, my god Onion...the spoons!!!! I'm so ecstatic with your design. I love that you've used them several ways and best of all, they look gorgeous in your floral spray! You have evolved these mere elements to a status worthy of praise and I am honored to call you friend and fellow crafter. You have without a doubt stretched my imagination and sense of wonder!!!
I hope the immense and unforgivable delay in responding to this project A is somewhat forgiven by my most honest and sincere reverence of your artwork and talent.!
Hugs to you!!

Diane said...

What a fun mixed media design.

Hugs Diane

cheryl Baker said...

oh hun each and every detail is amazing spoons are brilliant i just love this hun total inspiration amazing my friend hugs cheryl xx

Marci said...

Too beautiful for words!