May 22, 2014

Tempting Treats #4-Altered Jar.

Hello Everyone,
At this very moment I am in Queensland Australia having a welcome weeks holiday with the dearest one.
A little place called Palm Cove, 27kms north of of Cairns.

I seemed to have inspired you all a little with last weeks project using the Bobby Pins, Hair grips..whatever you know them as, this was pleasing.

So let us continue this week with our next interesting Challenge,
 Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats.

 Week 4 -Project D .
#1- Mixed Media.
#2- Collage.
#3- Glass Jar Creation.
#4- Material.

A Jar!  I have never altered anything in glass, so this was a first for me, so off I go searching for a Jar... searching... searching...Mmmm,  I have no spare Jars, this is ridiculous, there must be a spare jar in the house surely......nope nothing, zippo of anything resembling an empty glass jar. Okay what next.. look in the fridge, yes plenty here but all have substances and aqueous material in them, oh well something has to go I NEED a jar, pick up one that looks closest to the use by date, yes that will do.

I sprayed and brushed with Inks and Translucent Gold Paint.
And this is my 'Goddess' Jar!

Even though I disliked the gluing part of assemblage, it was nevertheless fun and challenging, I did not know until the very end how it was going to turn out.
I gave it to Scarlett for her fairies and she loved it.

 Now you will have to hop over to see Lisa and Mitra's  (aka Quirks and Mitza Pitza) and their glass Jars.



Mitra Pratt said...

I snorted and giggled and had a HUGE BELLY LAUGH! I had to reglue something on mine right before I took the last photo. I do love hot glue but dang dabbit, it gets everywhere! So love your creation and I do believe faires would love to live there with all the interesting bits and bobs! I thought it was only me that swore during the glue thank you very much for making me laugh in the middle of a very frantic Wednesday I surely needed it!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, another wonderful creation, so much gorgeous texture! Enjoy that break!! I'm sure it's well deserved!

Dawn Turley said...

You have outdone yourself here Sue. A stunning project. Love Palm Cove. We usually stay just a little further north at Ellis Beach, but go into Palm Cove in the evening to dine. It is a lovely part of Australia. Enjoy the break away.

Chris Warner said...

OMG Sue - what a brilliant transformation! A fab idea, clever execution and it certainly is a 'Godess' jar, lol. Fab work, it's beautiful! Chris xxx

Rosemary said...

your "goddess" jar is absolutely gorgeous, Sue!! visions of you covered in strands of glue now fill my head (and made me laugh!), but your battle with the glue gun resulted in a truly amazing work of art! well done, my friend, well done!! (PS... sounds like after all that you really did need that week away!)

Ira Huberts said...

Love how you transformed your already divine (LOL!) jar into something as precious looking as this. Thanks also for sharing all the stages with us, looks intriguing! Take care, Ira x
Ira’s Crea Corner

jasann said...

Love your jar!!!

Stamps and Paper said...

Sue what a fabulous 'makeover' you gave your jar....would make a beautiful gift for someone...


Evelyn S. said...

It's a jeweled jar worthy of fairies, for certain! (Sorry I haven't visited lately...there's been a lot going on in our extended family.)

Lisa M said...

Are you freaking kidding me?? You've never altered a glass jar??? OMG...I'm baffled and amazed and beyond tickled pink that you just plunged in with flippers, oars, and floaties and tackled this project with all your might. Onion, this is the Taj Mahal of jars...I mean to tell you!! I left to go out of town when you posted this and just returned last night, but I have been eyeballing your magnificent creation all week!! I had no clue where you were going but the pictures and the most depicted post led me through a marvelous journey and I felt like I was right there with you; frustrated and amused all in one! Fairies everywhere will be hearing about this latest abode and whispers of envy will be floating from town to town as the winged beauties adore this glorious dwelling!
I for one am giving you a standing ovation for not only the giggles, but the smirk of happiness that is spreading across my face. You did AMAZING!!!!
Biggest of hugs to you my friend and thank you so very much for your very generous comment you left on my blog. You made me blush!!
Quirks xx

Greta said...

Seriously, Sue--how in the heck do you do this! Goddess jar for sure! I'm flabbergasted by your creative genius! And you made me laugh!

Marci said...

Fabulous jar! Worthy of the Queen of fairies and her attendants. Looks like a fun thing to make.