May 29, 2014

Tempting Treats # 4- Triptych

Hello Everyone,
Back home from our weeks break, hope to catch up with you all soon. In the meantime spend a few minutes perusing here.

Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats.
Week 4- Project D. 
#2-Drips and Drops.
#3- Inchies.
#4- Configuration of Frames.

Well how are you all enjoying these Challenges so far? I do hope you are finding some inspiration even though the Challenges are quite complicated and involved, it has certainly helped me to pull on all my reserves to include all the required elements.
This is the penultimate project, and I find it sad that there is only one more week left for these Challenges, but next month is going to be exciting for me, tell you about it later.

I made this for Scarlett.
I made my collection of frames and inchies from
  G45 paper and some painted embossed paper.

Plaque #1.
Plaque #2.
Plaque #3. 
 Close up.

The Triptych.
Thank you for visiting today, please hop across to Lisa and Mitra's  Blogs and have a look at their interpretation, they are creating some very unique pieces, which are well and truly out of the box and will inspire many of you.

Products used:

Last Challenge next week, looking forward to it.

May 22, 2014

Tempting Treats #4-Altered Jar.

Hello Everyone,
At this very moment I am in Queensland Australia having a welcome weeks holiday with the dearest one.
A little place called Palm Cove, 27kms north of of Cairns.

I seemed to have inspired you all a little with last weeks project using the Bobby Pins, Hair grips..whatever you know them as, this was pleasing.

So let us continue this week with our next interesting Challenge,
 Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats.

 Week 4 -Project D .
#1- Mixed Media.
#2- Collage.
#3- Glass Jar Creation.
#4- Material.

A Jar!  I have never altered anything in glass, so this was a first for me, so off I go searching for a Jar... searching... searching...Mmmm,  I have no spare Jars, this is ridiculous, there must be a spare jar in the house surely......nope nothing, zippo of anything resembling an empty glass jar. Okay what next.. look in the fridge, yes plenty here but all have substances and aqueous material in them, oh well something has to go I NEED a jar, pick up one that looks closest to the use by date, yes that will do.

I sprayed and brushed with Inks and Translucent Gold Paint.
And this is my 'Goddess' Jar!

Even though I disliked the gluing part of assemblage, it was nevertheless fun and challenging, I did not know until the very end how it was going to turn out.
I gave it to Scarlett for her fairies and she loved it.

 Now you will have to hop over to see Lisa and Mitra's  (aka Quirks and Mitza Pitza) and their glass Jars.


May 15, 2014

Tempting Treats #3 -Wall Art

Hello Everyone, 

Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats.
Week 3- Project C.
#1-Layers and Textures, using circles.
#2-Odd marriage of two items.
#4-Dictionary depictions.


Fun and Whimsical.
 Wall Art.
Now you will have to hop over to see Lisa and Mitra's interpretation of this Challenge, if you have been following you will know their creations will be very unique with plenty of panache and flair!!!
See you next week.

Have a great week and thanks so much for your visit and welcome to my new followers.

May 8, 2014

Tempting Treats #2- A Vintage and Shabby Piece.

Hello Everyone,
Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats Challenge: 

Week 2 -Project B.
#1 Monochromatic.
#2 Cheesecloth.
#3 Domino.
#4 Sculpey Clay.
 I went Vintage and Shabby chic, as this genre is a very safe option for me.
The hiccup, the domino on my creation. 
For a start I did not own any, I rang around my friends with no luck, I thought about making one, but in the end I went out and bought a box of them!

Adding the elements.
The  Complete Wall Plaque.

This is a delicious Shabby chic piece, with a touch of Vintage appeal, I hope it is inspiring, I loved working on it, as it satiated my need to cover and leave no stone unturned when it came to adding elements. I did not want to stop!!!
Please hop along to view Quirks and Mitza's creations, and view their interpretation of this 2nd  Challenge.

Thank you so much for your visit today.

May 1, 2014

Where are the Spoons!!!

Hello Everyone,
Exactly 12months ago, you may remember and then again you may not, that my bloggy friends Lisa Minckler (Quirks) and Mitra Pratt(Mitza Pitza), (I am known as Onion) set ourselves a personal Challenge for a month to tempt the creative juices to flow, well we thought we would challenge ourselves again as we had so much fun and found it so rewarding last time.
I tend to grind down in a slooow death creatively when my muse decides to find a dark space to hibernate, so when Lisa suggested we do another Challenge I was on board before the boat was in the water! The fire in me was relit and I could sense it was going to be hot, hot, hot... I was roused.
 All these metaphors and similes are not enlightening you much are they?
 I will quickly explain the first Project and then you will have to grab a comfy seat as I have many pics.

Lisa came up with a name for us:
 Technicolour Trio and Tempting Treats. ( now you can understand why I named her Quirks!) I hope they do inspire and tempt.
All creations are open to interpretation, on any substrate.
All the elements must be included in some form or other.

Week One- Project A.
1. Ways to use numbers and letters.
2. Spoons .
3. Quote.
4. Ruler Art.

I have wanted to make an Album for Scarlett for a long time, not for photos but for sayings and musings; for her to keep. 
This is the cover.

I am entering this into the Artistic Stamper Challenge: In the Garden.
Now you will have to hop over to see Lisa and Mitra's interpretation of this Challenge, I know their creations will be very unique with plenty of flair...can't wait.
Next week is another project... they do not get any easier either.

Thanks for the visit,