Jan 23, 2014

A Birthday 'feel good' missive.

Hello Everyone,
Yes today is my Birthday, I wish I could say I am in the prime of my life but unfortunately I  probably fall into the mature category, which is not too fallacious.
I have not written so many words on my Blog in a long time!

Anyway the main reason for informing you of this occasion is not to receive the Birthday wishes; even though they will be welcome, but to relate how blog friends can make a difference in ones life.
Like many of you who have blogged for awhile, you will acquiesce when I say that there are many talented crafters out there, but also you may be lucky and meet that special person, the one that you 'click' with and for no apparent reason other than the creativity you share; I met such a person.
I do not make a habit of promoting blogs or artists, but today I need to express how I am feeling, as this particular girl made an ordinary Birthday into something wonderful and  unexpected. 

Some of you will know her as Lisa Minckler of 'You made me Ink'; I know her as Quirks. 
She hails from Missouri,USA and yesterday she e-mailed my LSS Scottie Crafts in New Zealand and organised a birthday surprise for me! Imagine my reaction when I was informed by phone that a friend had left a present for me at the shop, I initially thought my girls had organised something, but on hearing that the friend referred to me as Onion, I knew immediately who it was and I was speechless for just a nano second,  I mean this does not happen to me.

 As you may know I am on the design team at Scotties, so they were thinking I was very special I can tell you, I felt it too.
 I took some photos of what I bought with the voucher Lisa had so generously gifted me.

Thank you Q, you are one in a million, a unique person with a crazy sense of humour that you express so illustratively in your work.
If you wanted to make my day special and awesome, then I can categorically say without hesitation that you succeeded comprehensively.



  1. Wow! What a sweet, sweet thing for Lisa to do! Lucky you, Sue! I know she'd agree with me and say you deserve it - Happy Birthday to you! ♥

  2. What a lovely surprise for you!

    Happy Birthday Sue


  3. That is one lovely surprise Sue, enjoy! And Happy Birthday to you, you look so good by the way, no need to complain about age, after all, it's nothing but a number ;-) Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  4. What a very special friend and such a lovely surprise. Happy birthday, so glad it was a good one.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. happy, happy, happy birthday sue!! it looks like your day was absolutely wonderful and you definitely deserve it!!

  6. Oh what a special day & wonderful friend! Happy, happy birthday, Sue! I know you'll be making great use of your new goodies--can't wait to see! Hugs, Greta

  7. First off Happy Birthday Sue... and what a delightful friend Lisa is. Really thoughtful to organise with Scottie such a great gift. And don't you look so great Sue. Enjoy your goodies.

  8. Stickers and stencils and metal things OH MY!!! YEAH....so happy you were surprised. :) I had thought about a gift card to an online store, but I figured instant gratification would be better and there's no shipping and handling fees LOL. I cannot wait to see what fabulous creations you come up with and I'm so happy you enjoyed your little shopping spree. Only wish I could have taken you to lunch and shopped with you, but this was super fun too! I know, I'm a stinker, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONION!
    P.s...I don't need to say it for it has been mentioned, but I have to agree with the other ladies..you look MARVELOUS!!
    Ok, have fun crafting and playing and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

  9. She is amazing! I agree! And hope you had a super birthday! HUGS!


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