Jun 2, 2013

Using a home-made Stencil.

Welcome Everyone
It is the third Challenge of Onion, Quirks and Mitza Pitza Incorporated, better known as Sue, Lisa and Mitra.
These Challenges are personal and there are no prizes, but the rewards for us are huge as we are gaining enormous inspiration from one another. I have been up for the past few weeks with my Art, but this week not so much so my creation is very simple.

The Challenge: To make our own Stencil.

Last weeks task was rather taxing on my tolerance levels; waiting for glue to dry is tiresome, but waiting for metal shavings to behave themselves is excruciating, so this week I decided to make it easy on myself and make a card.
I doubt very much that my buddies across the water will be going down this path, they will be far more innovative, and their projects I know will be Wowing me as well as you, so do not despair by my meagre effort this week, there is plenty to draw from with my buddies.
I cannot wait to see what they have made.
On the other hand you may like a less complicated design from me.

To make my stencil I used my Cricut Machine, and a Cornflakes box.

I felt I needed some weight and thickness to make my stencil, I was a little hesitant to cut plastic on my Cricut, as I had never attempted it before, so I stayed safe......... there is a theme going on already; SAFE.

I used Wendy Vecchi (Studio 490) embossing paste over my stencil, it has a wonderful creamy consistency and easy to apply, it was like icing a cake.

Look at this dimension, it is wonderful, I actually did not want to embellish very much.... gasp! I cannot believe I just said that.
But I have added faux stitching, some dots and the organza Rose.
Some of my CAS friends would have probably not even added these few things.

You see, not complicated, I did have to wait for the paste to dry but it did not take long and the result is pleasing.
I have just demonstrated that I can make a card and not add lots of embellishments, this is huge for me, even though it maybe a little boring.

Now hop across to see Quirks project here
And Mitra's  project here

If you have not used embossing paste as yet, I urge you to give it a try.
Have a great week.



Lisa M said...

Onion, Onion, Onion....
It's mono-chromatically magnificent!!! You stating that it's CAS is true in part, but that you picked THAT design as your stencil is so detailed and ornate. The embossing paste looks incredible here and I'm absolutely loving the scalloped border around the edges. One simple flower in the center...perfection!!
Not only did you excel at this challenge but you went full throttle on restraint and for that, I'm thoroughly impressed!!
Beautiful work my friend and now I'm completely stoked for #4 :)

Tammy said...

Lovely CAS creation! I wouldn't even know where to begin to make my own stencil let alone turn it into such a lovely card!

Greta said...

Boring it is NOT! I love your card, Sue--would CASE it if I had a cricket & the paste!

Brenda Brown said...

You have created a beautiful card Sue. It may have been more simple to do but it has an elegance all of its own.
Happy Sunday.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Mitra Pratt said...

whhhhoo! I have never cut plastic OR a cornflake box on my Silly! I think you and Lisa are BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE! I might have to try it...maybe.

LOVE the simple soft beauty of this card. Someone will love getting it in the mail as it shimmers with soft and pretty!

butterfly said...

It may seem simple to you, but it's executed so beautifully - the homemade stencil itself is fab, and the design of the card is so elegant. I love the simplicity of the "naked" embossing paste against the kraft - delicious!
Alison x

Ira Huberts said...

Fabulous outcome Sue, love white on kraft, it's such a powerful combination, fab design! HUgs, Ira xox

Joan said...

I think your card is beautiful Sue, love the stencil you made and the embossing paste and well done on the (not) embellishing!


Rosemary said...

oh your card is definitely not boring, sue... it is gorgeous!! I just love how you framed up your beautiful image and then added that sweet little embellishment to the center. the perfect finishing touch!

Sandy said...

Very pretty and I love the stencil you made which by the way with the help of the embossing paste you made a beautiful card. Very nice!!

Dawn Turley said...

great card Sue. A very impressive use of a stencil. You chose a great design. Love that you made a CAS card.

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning, not simple! The white against the craft looks wonderful and I just love the idea of a home made stencil!!! Brilliant!

Vada said...

Wow What A Wonderful idea!!! Looks like you really nailed this one, can not wait to see your next challenge. Beautiful card Sue.
Hugs Vada

Lisa said...

This is such a wonderful tip, Sue! Thanks so much for sharing it because now you have given me all sorts of ideas on how I could do the same thing!!
Love that embossing paste- it adds such an awesome texture! Who knew? I learn something new each time I visit here:)

Meihsia Liu said...

Wooooo... Sue, this stencil is awesome! I've never used Cricut to cut this kind of box. It looks so fun! And I love the fabulous result! Thank you for the inspiration. ^_^

Evelyn S. said...

I avoid leaving messages on blogs when I have absolutely nothing to show on mine! You've been a busy multi-medium lady, I see! Your two previous posts have such interesting creations that seem to be very different from your "usual." I love dealing with some other mediums, too, but just haven't done anything for a long time. This homemade stencil is a beauty; I realize that I "need" some embossing paste, myself. ;-)

Anita Houston said...

Love your homemade stencil...brilliant! So beautiful as well!