Jun 30, 2013

Two cards- Two genres!

Welcome to you all, and to the last Challenge of Onion (me), Quirks (Lisa) and M (Mitra).
For those who have been following our little personal mission for inspiration over the last seven weeks, you will no doubt be a little sad, but it has served it's intended purpose; to challenge each other with an objective to revitalise the enthusiasm to create.
I have to say the verve and oomph has resurfaced for me, and although the complacency I feel at this time is great, I know it is not permanent, but that is a good thing....right?
We must extend ourselves to know how far we can go with our Art,  but what is most important is to continue to enjoy the process of creating.
This was not a competition on who could produce the best work, on the contrary it was to help each other through the rut we found ourselves in, our designs and preferences are very different, this was a huge plus as we were able to understand and learn from each others thought processes.....we did produce some interesting pieces, not all have been Wow's, but all have been a step forward to our goal and that is to rekindle the motivation and contentment we feel at our craft desk.

Oh goodness that was a little long-winded, let us get to the important bit of this post, and show you some cards.
This final Challenge was to make TWO cards-
 One Shabby-Chic and one Clean and Simple, plus we had to use this paper somewhere in the design.

As you all know I am a Shabby girl at heart well and truly, and as for CAS, well it is not a genre that I find easy or enjoy.

My CAS card.

Kraft card and the diecut Flower and stem which I white embossed,
and then I popped up the head of the flower.

I should have left it, but I destroyed the whole feel by adding the water effect at the base,  it was so hard for me not to add something else.
 (Oh Rosie I know what you are going to say!)

My Shabby Chic Card.

I used much more of the paper here; the Flower, leaves and Bg.
Glossy Accents have been applied to the Flower and leaves, and the Bg put through the crimper.

I must have still been in a CAS mindset, as this is a naked looking Shabby-Chic especially for me!
On closer inspection you will notice I have stamped and altered my Bg to enhance the feel.

The addition of curly fibres, tissue paper and stitching.

My heartfelt thanks to such great bloggy mates; Lisa and Mitra for sharing this journey with me, the last seven weeks have been so much fun, the anticipation of viewing each others work and the interpretation on each theme has been very inspiring.
Lisa Blog- here.

I am now on the design team for House of Cards  (Shabby Chic Team), it goes live this week with the first set of Challenges from the Fun and Cute Team. 
Mynette and Ruth(owners) have hand-picked the Teams for the different genres, so I feel quite honoured to be part of this new Challenge Blog.
Hop across and read what it is all about, there are prizes on offer too!

I am always warmed by your lovely comments that you leave and thank you for spending this time with me.



Mary J said...

So gorgeous Sue! I gotta say that I love how you use your paints - I really must get mine out and experiment!

Tammy said...

Both cards are wonderful and so different! Sorry to see the challenge end, I've enjoyed it!

Brenda Brown said...

A fabulous post and gorgeous cards Sue. The flower on the cas card pops beautifully on the stem and you have used great colours. I adore the shabby chic one, layered to perfection and enhanced with the sewing.
Hope you are having a great weekend.
hugs Brenda xxx

Julie Short said...

I stumbled in here and I am so glad I did Sue as your pieces totally delighted me. The gentle colours and theme is wonderful. Good luck with your next ART adventure.

Rosemary said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new dt spot, Sue! So very well deserved!! Now... you most certainly DID NOT destroy the feeling of the CAS card by adding the water effect, Sue! You included just the right amount and that kept it clean and simple! As for the shabby card for my taste it has just the right amount of shabby, lol!! But given your talent for adding rather than subtracting I can completely understand why you think it is a bit thin in the shabby dept! Whatever the case, both cards are AMAZING!! Hugs & smiles!!

Greta said...

Congrats on the new DT! I don't think you ruined the CAS card at all. Your shabby chic is so you, though, & I do love it!

Buttons said...

Gorgeousness exudes from your blog everytime I visit and this time is no exception. Love both cards (I agree about the water) and the way you have altered the bg paper is superb. SO pleased you have been hand picked for the DT - they knew what they were doing! Hope you are beginning to realise how talented you are. Hugs, Jenny x

Dawn Turley said...

great cards Sue. It has been quite a journey for you. Pleased your mojo is back. And a big congratulations on your design position. looking forward to your projects.

Astrid Maclean said...

First of all, so glad you got your mojo back, it seems like a brilliant way to go about it! Secondly, both of your cards are stunning! I really love the way you have tackled the CAS challenge! (not me at all either as you will know) The other one is stunning too! Lastly BIG congrats on your new post, sounds like funn, off to check it out now!

Sandy said...

Yummy creations - really Sue, your CAS card is wonderful!! Sad to see y'all move - it's been a pleasure to watch!

Ira Huberts said...

Great looking cards Sue, fab use of that paper! love the addition of water, btw, for no bloom can blossom without it! Hugs, Ira xox

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Such nice creations, with interesting details Susan

kind regards, Alie :-)

butterfly said...

I've loved following this journey over the last seven weeks, and I think you've finished with a pair of absolutely fantastic cards...

Of course, I didn't see it without, but I have to say I love the water on the CAS one (but I'm a fellow non-CAS-er so may not be the best judge!). The flower is gorgeous against the kraft...

And your "naked" shabby chic is one of my favourites ever - fabulous altering of the already yummy paper, and those distressed edges, gorgeous stitching, and great composition of the layers - I really, really love it!

Great news on the DT - big congrats... will certainly check it out, though if it's only cards I may just cheer from the sidelines!
Alison x

Lisa M said...

Slap my hand, but I LOOOVE your CAS card. I know it's not the 'norm' for CAS, but for me it's the essential element that it needed! I really love that you added it. In my mind it's vital to add the life source. I of course, always admire your CAS style; which is why I had to sneak over here and try to copy from your style so that mine would qualify, but I thought this challenge was so much fun to see how we each do on a particular genre that's not exactly our forte or cup of tea.
I just want to thank you too for all the encouragement during this process and I honestly enjoyed crafting beside you again. I really had missed that! I have been a long time follower of your new DT blog and so I will be waiting impatiently to see your latest reveals over there!
Hugs to you my friend and smiles,
(I'm on vacation currently, but had to hop on here to say hello. If I miss anything else, I'll be back soon to catch up.

Meihsia Liu said...

Oh, Sue, both your cards are fabulous! Your CAS card is espcially sweet. The flower is so lovely. :)

Mitra Pratt said...

oh goodness gracious! I just got out of the woods, have been camping for a few days and am sitting here enjoying the day off for our 4th of July Holiday and one of my first stops was to see what interesting things you came up with for our very last challenge! I am more of a shabby girl too! That word CAS is TERRIFYING! I do truly like the water you added on the first card and the little texture you gave the flower in the center. The second card is my favorite though, it has such nice color and texture and interest!

alexandra s.m. said...

Gorgeous card Sue!
COngratulations on the new DT and thank you for becoming my latest follower ;-)

Greetings from Chicago~