Jun 16, 2013


Hello Everyone
“S” a unit of the Alphabet that represents inspiration.
I am surrounded by this letter;
My Initial.
My Daughter's intial.
My Grandaughter' initial.
My Blog.
And all are considerably significant in my life.

If you read the definition of this letter you will begin to understand a little more about me!!!!

1.) A capability to find openings where others can’t.
2.) Anything new is a challenge.
3.) Looking at a situation from all sides.
4.) An “S” person has tenacity. 
5.) Never consider themselves failures.
6.) Innovative; right on the cutting edge.
7.) Negative “S’s” act impulsively .
8.) Do not reflect on the task at hand, but just go after it.
9.) If not the centre of attention, they tend to whine!!! ( I never whine.)

 Why am I talking about this letter?
Well this weeks Challenge of Onion (me), Quirks (Lisa) and MP.(Mitra) is to:
'' Draw your own focal image/sentiment"
Like I can draw!!!!!NOT, but as true to my 'S' as I am, 'anything is a challenge'.

I chose my Initial! Ha.... you may think easy way out and you will be correct, but I made it a focus and I did free hand draw it   .... so just continue to scroll down and I will lead you through the process of how Specific and how Special, I made my S.

 I used a lid to a very pretty Box

I covered it with Gesso.

Added a layer of newsprint.

Mod-podged bits of a paper napkin.

Stamped with Archival.

 Covered a piece of thick cardboard with Burlap.
Applied some tissue over the card-stock and stitched.

At this stage you are beginning to think that this does not look like a letter S, stay with me it is next.

Here it is my magnificent drawing of my Initial.

And off I go now making it special.

I received some inspiration on Pinterest.
I must apologise here that I missed taking a few pics as I dropped into the doodling zone!

You can see how I finished it up, using water-soluble Oil pastels and a Pitt pen.
And I cut it out.

Added some paints (Distress) on my mini cogs.

 Placed it centre stage on my prepared Bg.

My  S-habbilicious  Lid.

Now all I have to do is the base of the box!
I have two very talented partners in this Challenge;
Mitza Pitza-HERE 
Pop over if you need some inspiration and some good positive feelings.

Hope you receive some inspiration. 


butterfly said...

I love your fabulous, fiery, fun swirly S - and I never knew all that S stuff (gotta go find out about A now) - so thank you for great inspiration and a great read...
Alison x

Tammy said...

Your lid is absolutely sensational! Love all the beautiful detail and texture! Great creation!

Astrid Maclean said...

This is brilliant! I never even knew that there were definitions of letter vis character..... Your S has turned out brilliantly and I adore the background to it too!!

Ira Huberts said...

Wow wow Sue! Love how you built this up, from beginning to start. You have given this quite some thought, which I love! Great doodling and choice of colours, too. Hugs, Ira x

Dawn Turley said...

Fabulous Sue. A great project. Had fun yesterday and it was great to catch up with you.

Rosemary said...

Well Sue... you just keep out doing yourself on this little creative journey you are on with Lisa and Mitra! This current offering is absolutely stellar (had to fit in one "s" superlative)in every single way! With so many layers and nuances to your project one cannot see everything in just one look... I have had several and have enjoyed each viewing! Definitely looking for to seeing your next project!! Hugs & smiles!

Mitra Pratt said...

Super Special S! I LOVE IT! I am impressed with your doodling and the lovely water color and then the rest of it is just icing on the cake! Sweet!

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

What a great result with the S...you did so well Sue!

kind regards, Alie :-)

Vada said...

OMGoodness Miss "S", You drove nuts to look up the letter "V", Hee, Hee,.. I'm very impressed with this challenge, your art gets better each challenge!
Hugs Vada

Greta said...

You've left me speechless, Sue! What in the heck do you mean you can't draw?! Your S is magnificent as is the background, of course! I didn't even know letters had meanings. I love monograms, so guess I better try to find out what G means. You could make a business of doing initials for wall hangings!

Lisa M said...

See, this is what I mean. Never can I even remotely begin to guess what you're going to create with a theme in mind. I never, EVER would have dreamed of a letter S that has such amazing flair and zentangle aspects to be your focal point. The strawberry lid was gorgeous, but what you've done to take it on a creative journey of transformation was fabulous. I love more than the pictures, the process your mind goes through to get to the outcome. I think this project excites and invigorates me more than anything because of how it represents YOU in art. I am so incredibly impressed Onion. My mojo has taken backstage of late, but that's okay, I still need this process and just taking this in over the past few days has been like breathing inspiration. It's GORGEOUS and completely S-habbilicious!!! :D
You are just the best and I can't stop smiling. I love this lid so much!!!!!!
Your friend,
Quirks :)

Mary J said...

Yep, definitely got some inspiration, Sue! This is so beautiful and I love seeing your creative process!

Meihsia Liu said...

Such a creative creation, Sue. Very beautiful !!! :)

Lisa said...

Can't draw?? Well I would beg to differ since that "S" turned out fabulously! XX