May 19, 2013

Something completely different!

Hello Everyone
I feel as if I have deserted my blog of late, but to those who follow me you will know that I have been struggling with my artistic abilities of late, in reality it has been an absolute nightmare and even I am getting tired of listening to myself bemoaning my lack of imagination and enthusiasm, it is boring and uninspiring.
So I am focusing on what I can do and not what I can't, and participating in a little private challenge is the beginning to better outcomes.
I have a wonderful  bloggy friend, whom some of you may know, I refer to her as Quirks but her name is Lisa (You Made Me Ink) she creates amazing objects as well as cards, and along with her humorous posts she inspires me to constantly think out of the box. As you know I love Shabby Chic, it is my preferred genre,  but it has not been challenging enough of late, I am always wanting to push myself, to see where it takes me, (of course it has taken me nowhere of late.)

When Q came up with the brilliant idea of setting ourselves a challenge, as we are both going through a low period creatively, I jumped on it like a wild animal in heat!!!!

Below is a creation that has been inspired by the Challenge.

The theme is:
"Colours, more than three;  the quirky bit it must have a fork!"(Lisas Choice).
And is must not be a card!
 Now you will understand why I call her Quirks,  she certainly makes you extend yourself beyond what is comfortable, but I am always up for a challenge and I think it is what I need at this time.

I had an abundance of hand made painted backgrounds lying all over the desk, so it was a simple decision for me to use these for the colour aspect. I cut them up in strips and weaved them together, making three different size tiles, mounted them on white card-stock then framed them up as you can see.
Now you are asking where is the fork????
A  bit of a dilemma, as I did not want it to look like the element was just placed for the sake of it and not look part of the design.

You may need your glasses!!! It is sitting on the bottom left hand strip.
Knowing Q as I do, you will not need glasses to see her fork, I have no idea what she has made as she did not give me any clues.

In hindsight I could have made it larger, but I could not lose the fear of being wrong, my worst enemy is self doubt, when it was complete I realised I should have just contemplated less and placed the larger fork that I had cut.
How surprising is this?  Me, a person  who adds and adds to cards, had a fear of placing a little fork on this almost CAS like project.... So atypical.


 I added a spoon.
This was great fun to make and I am delighted with it.
I have used Acrylic paints, Inks, and  White and Black pen for the doodles.
 It is a tangled mess but it holds great colour and movement ;the symbolism is so relevant to where I sit creatively at the moment.

Now pop over to see how Lisa interpreted our challenge here.
I know it is going to be quirky, but also amazing as her creative mind is distinctively unique as she holds no fears.
We will do another, so call in again next Sunday for our next challenge to each other.
 It may inspire you to think outside of the box.

Have a great week


Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

These are so it!

Have a nice weekend, Alie :-)

Dawn Turley said...

very artistic Sue. You are right about the colour and movement the weaving produces. A lovely piece of art for sure

Rosemary said...

wow, wow, wow, sue!! this is just amazing! I just love how you have combined aspects of your favorite genre, shabby chic, with a clean and simple design... yes... just amazing!

Barb said...

I was relieved to get to the end of your post and "hear" a bit more excitement and enthusiasm than you had at the beginning of the post, Sue. This frame piece really turned out beautifully and I am so happy you enjoyed the process and like the end result.

I can totally relate to what you're going through - it seems to happen more and more often now to me and I do understand how frustrating it is when you want so badly to create but it just doesn't happen. I'm glad you found someone to challenge you and I KNOW you'll be your amazing, creative self again soon! Hugs! :)

Lisa M said...

I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!!!!!! I've been here twice last night and first thing this morning to take it all in. Last night I nearly bruised my butt bone falling out of my chair and this morning your creation had me jumping up and down! I honestly was tongue tied yesterday and couldn't completely describe my overwhelming joy and excitement at seeing your project. I'm honestly in awe of how fantastic this piece of artwork looks!!! I laughed so hard at how you described its form to resemble your crafty muse lately. To be truly honest, it's a most fabulous piece of work that had me captivated for the longest time. How you captured your thoughts and ideas in a trio of spaces had my OCD applauding! Can you just imagine being a fly on the wall at a museum as people are lining up to interpret the deeper meaning of our frames?? You, without a doubt, created a piece of artwork that is not only inspirational, amazing to look at, but expresses the fun the creator had making it AND how you incorporated the fork and spoon makes me want to do a little jig!!! Your project is classy, modern, eclectic, out of the box, intriguing, thought provoking, fun and GORGEOUS! I'll end with how I started....I love it!!!!
That was just too much fun Onion and now you have my muse salivating for the next one!
Hugs and huge smiles to you,
Quirks :)

Kelly Neis said...

Wow I am from Lisa M blog and I see why she loves your creation. This is fabulous art. I like what she did too based off yours. I enjoyed your blog and I am your newest follower!
Hugs Kelly

Arlene said...

Delightful and artistic. Love it - I think you've found your mojo!

Arlene said...

Delightful and artistic. Love it - I think you've found your mojo!

Ira Huberts said...

These look so cool Sue and absolutely wonderful all framed up! Love the bright colours you've used! Hugs, Ira xox

Billie A said...

I came from Lisa's blog as I had to see what you did. I love your project too. Great way to add so many wonderful colors and then the fork and spoon just subtle look. I love this project and Lisa's and the whole idea of how this came to be.

butterfly said...

I just love that both of you have come up with really amazing pieces of artwork out of your feeling of mojo-less doldrums... this challenge has worked!! What a fantastic piece - so much detail for the eye to dwell on, and as a whole it works brilliantly. Looking forward to more next week...
Alison xx

Meihsia Liu said...

Sue, it's so great to see you and Lisa challenge and inspire each other and create such beautiful artwork. Can't wait to see what you are going to create next time. ^_^

Mitra Pratt said...

hurrah! Out of the box you jumped with my favorite Lisa of all time and holy wozers, look at the excitement here in this project. In staying with the fork and spoon motif, perhaps I should call it delish with the lovely colors! Glad your mojo is wandering back. I sometimes get that way too. My trick is to stay out of the studio, forsake the paint, and get rid of the cell's hard though!

walchowDesign said...

Truly a piece of art work, Sue! I think this piece should be displayed in a art gallery! Wonderfully done!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wowsers, this looks totally amazing, so arty and fun and creative!! To my eyes you could put it straight into a gallery! Oh and what a fabulous idea to do a challenge like that! Just the sort of thing to get you back on track! And yep, I just know how it feels....

Anita Houston said...

I agree with Astrid...straight to the gallery! This is Artsy and creative, and just plain FUN!!! It speaks volumes about the your mind and how artistic you are. I love every bit...the pieces are just fabulous! The tiny spoon and fork all sparkly are just plain cool! Way to go!!! Both of you did awesome!

Greta said...

Just amazing, Sue! I hope this is hanging on your craft room wall making you smile! I love it & must admit I did need to have the fork pointed out & I love it--& the spoon! My "outside the box" ventures don't compare to this!

Chris(craft) and Dave(photos) Richards said...

Fabulous eye candy Sue.....
Chris Richards

Lizzy Hill said...

Just come over from Mitra's....LOVE it!!!!