May 9, 2013

Out of the Darkness.

Hello Everyone,
It is generally known that if you face your fears, take a risk and accept what is, you will discover who you really are.
As you all know I have had a few weeks of no motivation, what one would commonly call a total block.  All I have been able to do each day is play with my paper and paints, most of which in the end were discarded.....frustration on my part was getting the better of me I can tell you, I spent hours on the computer, searching for a bit of magic to inspire me, I was beginning to despair when I found "Ëvery Life Has a Story!"  This Blog actually got my salivary glands working,  Robin-Marie is an amazing Artist. (I am no Artist). But I found her so inspiring.
 After my weeks of failure in this media I was so ready to make something happen.

Here is a selection of papers I painted up, on the left hand side is the first stage and to the right is the process of adding designs by using a mix of Acrylics, Inks, watercolours, White Pen and pieces of written paper.

I was now playing with purpose.
My first card.
I really tried to take a new direction, tearing myself away from lace and stitching, by changing the medium I work with.
Card Two.

And I also made two Tags, from my warm-up pieces, I had to first gain the confidence to face my fears.

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a great start, and I can only go beyond and improve, I learnt something about myself in the process.... I compartmentalise to my detriment, how I ever make anything that is not structured is surprising in itself.

So I think I am on my way back, I did wake up this morning eager to paint some more.
You will agree that this is so different for me but I enjoyed not thinking too much on how the finished piece would look, I also loved getting my hands dirty!!!!!

Have a great day, and if I have not told you of late, thanks so much for all your positive comments, it all helps.


Buttons said...

Utterly in love with these Sue. So glad to find you inspired again. Here's to more painty/inky fun. Hugs, Jenny x

Mary J said...

Oh I love seeing your inky art! These are just luscious Sue!

Dawn Turley said...

These are so interesting Sue. There is so much colour and I love the line drawings and the look of texture on them. You should be really pleased with yourself with the results.

Lisa M said...

Wowee Zowie, Onion!! If this was someone's first visit to your blog, they would never know that this is not your norm. I am so impressed with your free style here. The flow of movement, the clashing of perfect colors, the whimsical carefree fun that is in every stroke of paint. These cards and tags are just gorgeous!! Love that you shared the progression of change in the first photo. You can see such a gigantic progression of transformation going on there. I can honestly see no 'failure' as you described and you've definitely made something fabulous here. GOSH...these should be framed. I LOVE THEM!

Brenda Brown said...

These are beautiful pieces of art Sue, you are an artist in your own right with your own ideas and creative spirit. Looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful colour.
Hugs {brenda} x0x

Ira Huberts said...

Very colourful creations Sue, your cards look so artistic! So despite of what you're saying, I think you ARE an artist! These are wonderful!! Hugs, Ira xox

Joan said...

These are fantastic Sue, love what you have done. I know how you have been feeling as I have been in the same way for some weeks now, even contemplating giving it all up for good. I'm off now to look at the site that inspired you to such wonderful pieces


Chris(craft) and Dave(photos) Richards said...

Really inspirational Sue....
Thank you !
Chris R

Kim Price said...

Wow, these creations are so beautiful. So glad to see you have come out the other end of your downtime with such amazing creativity. Fabulous

Margie said...

Hi Sue - your story sounds so familiar to me and I think its because we get to the stage where we are ready to move on - but its so scary leaving what you are comfortable with and trying something so different! You've done an amazing job here and I will be following your example and having a look at Robin-Marie's blog. Well done for getting so far on your new journey. Margie x

Lisa said...

LOVE this new direction you are taking! You say they are not perfect, but isn't that what mixed media is all about? These are amazing little pieces of art :)

Greta said...

You ARE an artist, my friend! These are amazing--not what I've ever seen you do which shows even more what a talent you have. So glad you enjoyed your playing--a sure sign you're back!

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

What a great way to return to your feelings and feeling better Susan.
The creations are so bright...lovely.

Thanks for joining my blog, I started following your interesting blog too.

kind regards, Alie :-)

Meihsia Liu said...

WOW... Sue, you are an artist for sure! Your creations are so beautiful! So happy that your mojo is back! ^_^

Evelyn S. said...

Oh wow! I love Robyn's work, but haven't been inspired to try it. It's a bit beyond me----but I do love what you've created. And I'm so happy that you have found a way out of your creative block.

SuzanneK said...

OMG I love these, so glad I found your blog. Cheers