May 26, 2013

A Conceptual Heart and something extra!

Hello Everyone.
I hope you are all having a great weekend, I am back to present my creation for the second  'Onion and Quirks' Challenge, first though, I want to thank you for the wonderful comments that you all so kindly left on our 'Colours and Fork' Challenge last week. It is a great feeling when you have such positive feedback.
We have an extra artistic person contributing this week; Mitra (Mitralee) she was very keen to join in, and being such generous souls that we are..... we let her!
So you will have another  amazing project to look at this week.

The Challenge: To use Metal.

I grabbed some Metal Shavings. 
                                                      And I decorated a Heart.

The Heart wall hanging is made with Plaster of Paris, using a cake mould.
I painted it up many times, and on each occasion I scraped it off, I think it took four attempts until I stuck with the Gold and Bronze Palette.
My intention was to take step by step photos, but it was pretty obvious that I had no clue where I was going with this palette, with no certainty of an end result.
So I gave up on the camera!!!!

I scattered some of the shavings in the paint on the Bg, and let it dry.
Then I squeezed a good dollop of Glue and Glossy Accents on the smaller centre Heart and tipped the shavings on top, then pressed down lightly, some of the pieces are very small, so I did have to manoeuvre the larger ones to the top, it was a difficult process as the darn things kept sticking to my forceps. (I needed the patience of Job.) Did I mention that these bits got everywhere except where I wanted them!
It took two days, as I had to let one layer dry completely before adding the other layer of metal elements.
I thought outside the box this week and did not play safe at all, I am so pleased with myself, that I could do this. I cannot wait to see what Lisa and Mitra have made, I know it is going to be way over the top, as the creative juices are flowing big time.

The heart could have been left as is, but as usual I went a step further and made up some Bg paper, crinkled it up and placed the whole piece of Artwork in a frame.
It now has a warmth  which conflicts with the hard and obscure metal shavings.
If you are into symbolism there is much to see in this piece.

 If you want to see Quirks project it is Here.
And Mitra's is Here.

If you got this far there is something extra as a surprise, I have to admit to having a mild (well not so mild) panic attack working with the shavings, I did not think they were going to stick together, so I made a back-up Tag while I was waiting for the glue to dry.
I was not convinced the darn things would stay together!!!

The substrate of my Tag is made by painting the Bg with Black Gesso, then applying utee and pressing a stamp into it before it dries.
Next apply perfect pearls.... heat to set.
The metal butterfly has been painted with Acrylics and iridescent Gold.

Next week we will be making a card!!! No more fantastical creations for awhile, I feel I have extended myself well beyond my imagination these past few weeks, and protracted long enough with these complex forms, so it will be back to my comfort zone for the next Challenge...
 I want to personally welcome my new followers, it is great to have you on board, I hope you receive some inspiration here.


May 19, 2013

Something completely different!

Hello Everyone
I feel as if I have deserted my blog of late, but to those who follow me you will know that I have been struggling with my artistic abilities of late, in reality it has been an absolute nightmare and even I am getting tired of listening to myself bemoaning my lack of imagination and enthusiasm, it is boring and uninspiring.
So I am focusing on what I can do and not what I can't, and participating in a little private challenge is the beginning to better outcomes.
I have a wonderful  bloggy friend, whom some of you may know, I refer to her as Quirks but her name is Lisa (You Made Me Ink) she creates amazing objects as well as cards, and along with her humorous posts she inspires me to constantly think out of the box. As you know I love Shabby Chic, it is my preferred genre,  but it has not been challenging enough of late, I am always wanting to push myself, to see where it takes me, (of course it has taken me nowhere of late.)

When Q came up with the brilliant idea of setting ourselves a challenge, as we are both going through a low period creatively, I jumped on it like a wild animal in heat!!!!

Below is a creation that has been inspired by the Challenge.

The theme is:
"Colours, more than three;  the quirky bit it must have a fork!"(Lisas Choice).
And is must not be a card!
 Now you will understand why I call her Quirks,  she certainly makes you extend yourself beyond what is comfortable, but I am always up for a challenge and I think it is what I need at this time.

I had an abundance of hand made painted backgrounds lying all over the desk, so it was a simple decision for me to use these for the colour aspect. I cut them up in strips and weaved them together, making three different size tiles, mounted them on white card-stock then framed them up as you can see.
Now you are asking where is the fork????
A  bit of a dilemma, as I did not want it to look like the element was just placed for the sake of it and not look part of the design.

You may need your glasses!!! It is sitting on the bottom left hand strip.
Knowing Q as I do, you will not need glasses to see her fork, I have no idea what she has made as she did not give me any clues.

In hindsight I could have made it larger, but I could not lose the fear of being wrong, my worst enemy is self doubt, when it was complete I realised I should have just contemplated less and placed the larger fork that I had cut.
How surprising is this?  Me, a person  who adds and adds to cards, had a fear of placing a little fork on this almost CAS like project.... So atypical.


 I added a spoon.
This was great fun to make and I am delighted with it.
I have used Acrylic paints, Inks, and  White and Black pen for the doodles.
 It is a tangled mess but it holds great colour and movement ;the symbolism is so relevant to where I sit creatively at the moment.

Now pop over to see how Lisa interpreted our challenge here.
I know it is going to be quirky, but also amazing as her creative mind is distinctively unique as she holds no fears.
We will do another, so call in again next Sunday for our next challenge to each other.
 It may inspire you to think outside of the box.

Have a great week

May 9, 2013

Out of the Darkness.

Hello Everyone,
It is generally known that if you face your fears, take a risk and accept what is, you will discover who you really are.
As you all know I have had a few weeks of no motivation, what one would commonly call a total block.  All I have been able to do each day is play with my paper and paints, most of which in the end were discarded.....frustration on my part was getting the better of me I can tell you, I spent hours on the computer, searching for a bit of magic to inspire me, I was beginning to despair when I found "Ëvery Life Has a Story!"  This Blog actually got my salivary glands working,  Robin-Marie is an amazing Artist. (I am no Artist). But I found her so inspiring.
 After my weeks of failure in this media I was so ready to make something happen.

Here is a selection of papers I painted up, on the left hand side is the first stage and to the right is the process of adding designs by using a mix of Acrylics, Inks, watercolours, White Pen and pieces of written paper.

I was now playing with purpose.
My first card.
I really tried to take a new direction, tearing myself away from lace and stitching, by changing the medium I work with.
Card Two.

And I also made two Tags, from my warm-up pieces, I had to first gain the confidence to face my fears.

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a great start, and I can only go beyond and improve, I learnt something about myself in the process.... I compartmentalise to my detriment, how I ever make anything that is not structured is surprising in itself.

So I think I am on my way back, I did wake up this morning eager to paint some more.
You will agree that this is so different for me but I enjoyed not thinking too much on how the finished piece would look, I also loved getting my hands dirty!!!!!

Have a great day, and if I have not told you of late, thanks so much for all your positive comments, it all helps.

May 6, 2013

Back to basics....

Hello Everyone
I am still playing in my craft room, and still not much is being created that I am very happy with, I am all over the place, so I thought I would return to what I enjoy doing on a card instead of trying to do something unique....which is not working at all.

I stamped up the Hero Arts Hydrangea  in distress inks and heat embossed, but unfortunately being distress inks it does not show up too well.
My next favourite step is to sew, distress, and layer up.
Then adding some fluffy ribbon, lace and Bumblebee as the elements to give it a Shabby look, and at the same time adding the texture.
One of my favourite Challenge Blog is Stamping Sensations and this month the theme is:
Embossing and Texture
Please grab our logo

I hope you all have a great week.

May 1, 2013

Play-Time for me!!!!!

Hello Everyone.
I am in the land of lost souls, wallowing with many of you (it seems) searching for inspiration and the re-awakening of the creativity gene, that has certainly done a runner on me BIG TIME.
The picture above is the result of me playing with my paints, inks, pens and other media, it can certainly be classed as mixed as it has a bit of everything. I maybe trying too hard to kick start this comatose gene that is stubbornly resisting my attempts of allurement, but I need to do something!

The Bg  was so much fun to make, I made two cards. I cut around the vine leaves on this one.

 The second card is slightly different, but both have elements of flight..the symbolism to my absent mojo is eerie.

I am lingering in anticipation that my gene will be aggrieved, and put me out of my despondency sooner rather than later, as I am really struggling.