Jan 14, 2013

I started with a Tulip.......

Hello everyone,
I stamped a tulip, and coloured it up in distress inks, and then I pondered and speculated what to do with it.
 I checked out Frilly and Funkies challenge as there is always something interesting going on over there........ willing them to inspire me.
And surprise Sue has set a challenge : ' Follow your  muse' so with Tulip in hand, I let go of my reticence and just went with layers, as I always think layers, texture and colour; I love colour, and amazingly and with no surprise, I come out with a kind of Shabby, Vintage mix in design.

I played around with my watercolours the last few weeks, this Bg is one of them, so I embossed it, and found a G45 pre cut Oval, added that.
The heart is another of my musings that has been lying on the desk, I also attached a flourish, by now I was on a roll!
Rosie (Hey There Rosigirl!) sent me some white crinkly seam-binding, which I was itching to use, so I inked it up to match the Tulip head, instantly movement is created.
If you look closely you will also notice a torn strip, inked and textured sitting behind the heart.

See the eye, it is an alarming contradiction to the Shabby Chic feel, and I don't know if it is also rather intimidating, why did I emphasised it by placing some bling around it.
 I am thinking at this moment what this actually symbolises; a state of confusion perhaps, well that comes as no surprise to me!
But on the other hand it could also denote I have a keen eye..... Ha! perhaps I am stretching the allegorical illustration a bit.
I all over the place with my designs at the moment, I think this card is a great example of where I am ....sitting in a worm hole!

 Start of a new week, hope it is a good one and if I have not mentioned lately thanks for visiting.



Lucy Edmondson said...

This is great; very striking and unusual,

Lucy x

Buttons said...

Now in theory should this work? The colours clash just a little, the layers each have a lot going on, but do you know what? IT WORKS BIG STYLEE!! Can't even explain why (although I adore that tulip, and it seems even more prominent than if you'd put it with a green or pale background) but I really love it. Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funnkie, and I really look forward to seeing where your muse takes you next time. Hugs, Jenny x

Greta said...

Never would have imagined this final product from the tulip starting point--you fascinate me, Sue! I really love the embossed water-colored background! You do have a keen eye--no doubt about that! For my taste, I'd leave off the eye, but you're far more artistic than I am. Enjoy your week.

Rosemary said...

i love it when you take us on your creative journey, sue... it is always so fascinating! like greta i find it amazing that you started with just the simple tulip and end up with this little work of art! hugs & smiles!!

Dawn Turley said...

What an incredible journey that little tulip went on Sue... It is amazing. All those layers and colours shouldn't mix, but they really do... I actually like the way you highlighted the eye.

Mary J said...

Wow, this is so eye catching, Sue! The mix of colours is stunning and the eye to me symbolises "keeping an eye out for you"!

Lisa M said...

BAM!! An eclectic hodgepodge of mix matched merriment. This is absolutely the definition of breaking out of a rut. By your description of your crafty muse lately, I see you fully embraced the challenge at F&F and took it to heart. You've certainly allowed your yourself the freedom to explore and paid no mind to your inhibitions, revealing the playful, vibrant, quirky, and humorous layers of Onion.
I think it's BRILLIANT and deciphering just one meaning to it limits its potential. This is art and should be translated by each viewer. This viewer finds it captivating!
I applaud you :)

Sue C said...

Fabulous card Sue ! I love how you've used the colours and the textured background sets everything off perfectly ! Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funkie. Sue C x

butterfly said...

Fabulous layers of colour and texture - all put together with such verve and style - it's just glorious, Sue!
Alison x

Evelyn S. said...

amazing layers....images...textures! I really like where your muse took you, Sue!

Donna Gibson said...

Susan, I love all the layers and textures that you have on this card! I wish I could touch it! It's beautiful! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Frilly and Funkie!

Meihsia Liu said...

This is truly a picec of stunning art work. All the layers,textures and colors are just so beautiful. You are such a great artist, Sue... ^_^