Aug 18, 2012

Gilly all tied up!

Hello Everyone,

I love the colour Red, it is provocative, passionate, exciting and dynamic, ....sounds like me!
But my little creation cannot be described using these hyperboles. 
It is just cute.

I thought you may like to know how I made the Red Bg.

Take some glossy card that has been dabbed over in Alcohol inks, then adhered thin pieces of foil that have been cut randomly. The foil was red to begin with, I dripped some Alcohol inks on top to break up the solid colour.

 Next step:
Run through  the Big Shot using a texture fade of your choice... oooh look at this? 
It is so warm and rich; a chemical message is certainly being sent to my adrenal medulla and releasing the hormone epinephrine at this moment, it certainly has a physical effect on me that's for sure.

Once you have made the Bg, you can use it anyway you like. 
I chose to make a Tag.
After I die-cut the shape I passed it through the crimper, then I also embossed the side panel.

My goodness there are so many options available to extend this delicious piece of creativity, but I had to work within the confines of the Challenge, and so Gilly (digi image) was placed inside a bottle top; she didn't seem to mind!

I did stamp a pattern in Black staz-on to add more texture, there is never enough texture for me. 
As you can see I added another Bg, and applied the office supplies; paper clip, string, dog clip.

I hope the weekend is fun for you all.


Mary J said...

You're so creative Sue! I lvoe this - the texture and vibrancy of the red is stunning!

sue - bearhouse said...

WOW!! This is wonderful Sue. I love the gorgeous colours and textures you have used.

I hope you have a great weekend

Dawn said...

what amazing texture on the tag Sue. Very impressive. This is SO YOU Sue... welcome back!!!!! Great tag

Lisa M said...

My dictionary is getting good use by visiting your blog Onion!! have the best descriptive posts I've ever read. Thank you for getting the ol' brain a wake up challenge this morning. As for your tag...AMAZEBALLS!!! This is a dynamite technique with the foil and inks and cute, though it is, still screams dynamic and unique. Love how you've transformed office supplies! This will certainly get people excited for work come Monday.
Hugs to you my friend,
Quirks :)

Barb said...

Your layers of artistic beauty always amaze me, Sue! This is such a fun and adorable tag! Good to see you creating "YOUR WAY" again! Hugs to you! :)

Greta said...

You never cease to amaze me, Sue! Creativity to the max! Love your creation!

Rosemary said...

hello sue!!! i must echo everyones words and state that you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! another lovely little masterpiece!

Anita Houston said...

Adorable!!! And your background is absolutely fabulous! Love that you adhered the foil strips...genius! Gorgeous fav! This would make anyone at the office smile!!!

Sharon said...

Sue, as always you amaze me! You create some of the most beautiful work! and thanks for letting us in on your process. YOu are so creative and the tutorial is perfect!
YOur tag has so many layers and tidbits, that I just can't stop looking at it! What an adorable face!
Hope your weekend was wonderful! hugs, sharon w.

walchowDesign said...

Wow! Gorgeous piece of artistic tag, Sue! How fun that you incorporated so many office supplies into this mini tag!

Lili said...

Love it! You really amaze me Sue! I love your creations, you are such an artist. What a beautiful technique and tutorial. All the details make your tag so unique.
Hugs ;)

lainey said...

Oh I lurrrrrve this!!! lainey x