Aug 16, 2012

4th and final CAS card.

Hooray.... I am posting up my last CAS  card, it has been an interesting exercise in many ways.

I will show you the card then I will tell you my thoughts on the last few days.

Die-cut Blossom (SB). I have used watercolour paper which I painted up in a light wash.

 It was finished off with my sentiment.
This is a clean and crisp card which falls within the CAS genre.
There is not much more to say!

And here lies my dilemma....Yes it is attractive, BUT; (there is that preposition again) the card has no movement, no life, no character, it does not talk to me!

The same with the Tulip yesterday....
apart from the striking colour, there was nothing else.  I really do not have any pleasure in producing such cards, it is not that I don't particularly like them per-say, it is just that they are simplistic, and I do not mean that there is no effort or talent in making such cards, on the contrary, for me there was twice as much effort put into these 4cards then any shabby-chic I have made, with twice the amount of mental pressure! 
Uncomplicated they may be, but for me they are herculean to produce with no lasting satisfaction. 
So to conclude;  I am not a CAS Diva and don't ever want to be one.
 I have enjoyed posting up my efforts and your feed back has had me laughing out loud....with Marcy snorting coffee over her keyboard, and Anne-Marie having heart palpitations to Lisa being tongue-tied; which would be a huge loss to the blog world!!!!
So thank you all for your wonderful comments, but it is back to being an Onion with all my layers from here on in! Ha. 
And if any of you put up a CAS challenge, I will not be my usual gracious self, I will snivel,  whimper, whine and wail loudly!


Joan said...

Hurrah for you Sue ! I'm with you every step of the way, more is more everytime for me,overload is my middle name,fill in every little bit of white card. Yes I do admire the CAS look when other people do it but it doesn't "speak" to me


Greta said...

Isn't it wonderful that we all see things differently, feel things differently, want different things--in short--we're all different--yah! I could never create like you do, Sue, & that's OK with me. I love looking at your work & I can apply things I see to what is "me". That's one of the most enjoyable parts of this crazy hobby world for me. PS--I still really love the tulip card!

Rosemary said...

oh my goodness sue... you are so very wrong about this card! it does have movement, life and so much character, but i supposed because this is not your preferred (to put it lightly) style of papercrafting you don't see any of those things as existing on this card. but they do! you have captured the idea and style of CAS so perfectly with this card! sigh... it is beautifully CAS!! hugs and smiles!!

Barb said...

Thanks for the giggles, Sue - you know how much I needed them. I actually love this card - that flower is gorgeous! I think you did an amazing job with all the CAS cards you've created! Now go and enjoy doing what you LOVE to do and pile on those layers! :)

Anne Marie Hile said...

You did it, Sue and I am so proud of you!! You may not think you are a CAS-diva but you, my friend are a total DIVA in my eyes...or wait, are those onions in my eyes making me tear up. LOL! Your posts always bring a smile to my face and whatever you do, CAS, "onion layers" or just being your fabulous are uber creative in more ways then one. Big hugs to you!! :)

Dawn said...

LOL Sue. This is my favourite of the lot. I love the soft colours and the way you did the sentiment in the brown in the corner. I know you struggle with the clean simplicity of the card, but to me is is stunning. Now I'm looking forward to seeing your more usual style. Like others, I struggle with being able to layer, combine colours and textures and come up with the beauties you make and enjoy the inspiration you provide. Thank goodness we are all so different... makes life more interesting!

walchowDesign said...

I still like your style of CAS cards, Sue. I guess everyone has their own style and it must be difficult to move away from your own comfort zone! Bravo to yourself as you have tried a different style! Looking forward to seeing more of your layers!

Cheryl said...

yeah Hun well done you did it good for you this is really stunning hun so classy and elegant hugs Cherylxxx

Evelyn S. said...

Well, I like it! I can see it as a sympathy or wedding or some other solemn occasion card. And when I saw the delightful flower...I thought, "Is that CAS?"

Mary J said...

Beautiful, Sue! I love your use of white space!

Lisa M said...

Hahahahaha, I just had the best visual of you throwing a tantrum....OMG...I almost pulled a Marcy!
Well, you were right, I am a little shocked that after ALL of this, you still don't feel a warm fuzzy for CAS. But kudos and virtual high fives to you for having the gumption to shed the layers and design not one, but FOUR sensational cards!! You certainly don't back down from a challenge. I would say that you've earned the right to envelope yourself back into your layers and wear them proudly. You've proved to us all that you CAN excell at this genre, even if you did kick, scream and pout all the way!!! Bwhahahaha....
THIS card is gorgeous and captivating and wonderfully crafted. Now I challenge you to take all four of these CAS cards and remake us what you REALLY wanted to do with them...LOL!
Hugs to you my friend,

Yvonne Garner said...

Hi Sue! First, and most importantly, your CAS cards are gorgeous! Having just completed a series of cards for a potential project that required similar restraint, I totally empathize with you. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog recently with such kind words. I truly appreciate it. Best wishes, Yvonne