Feb 14, 2012

Water, Water everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone.

I have just had the most traumatic day in my life... (one I can remember anyway).
Envisage if you will.....

A Monday morning, empty of loved ones (work beckons for some in this home) you cannot count the cat as he uses the place for food and sleep and nothing else in-between.
It is peaceful and the sun is shining, it is going to be a fine day, a random statement but one  that was thought of at the time in good faith, all the signs were there.............
 I am looking forward to watching the Rugby sevens as New Zealand are in the Final.
It was just me and the TV remote something to apprise and treasure, as I don't get a look in when dearest one is home, I enjoyed the game even though we lost!

How quickly a day can change........the phone rings, (ring ring, ring ring), I walk to the kitchen  to answer it and noticed how shiny my tiles on the floor are looking, a quick thought passes through my infantile brain, 'oh goodie I won't have to mop the floor today.

Whilst talking on the phone I also notice the tap is running, not literally but with water,  and it is overflowing the bench onto the floor, then I look down at my feet and the carpet is wet, and like an explosion my  infantile brain comes to the realisation that it is not a beautiful shiny floor that I have but a flooded one!!!!!!!!

My first words were 'Oh Blast"or something similar... or not... I can't really remember, I know a bit of panic set in as I tried to wade through to turn off the tap, I couldn't pull the plug out as it was hot, and to avoid second degree burns I had to leave it.
 At this stage my organisational skills kicked in..... right I thought, first thing grab some towels, this was not very effective, and all I seemed to be doing was slosh the water everywhere.
Second thought, ring dearest one after all he sorts out this kind of event every day (he is a Loss adjuster)!
Ha! my saviour will help no worries, I forgot for a brief moment he is from Mars as opposed to Venus and also my dearest one........

 Dearest one says:  'Use a squeegee mop'!  
 My reply:  'I think it requires more than a mop sweetness, the water is like a tsunami coming towards me"!
Dearest one:  'What would you like me to do'?
At this stage in the conversation  my calm demeanour was evaporating as quickly as the water was flowing.
'Sweetness', I say, ' can you just pretend for a moment that I am not your cherished one, but  a client telling you her kitchen is flooding right this minute, what would your advice be to her'?
Silence for a millisecond the other end....
Dearest one: 'I will ring JAE'S  (professional carpet cleaners.)  and sort it out.'
'Oh thank you Sweetness that will be a great help'  Sigh.

The moral of this story:  Do not assume that your well being is based upon a sense of confidence, usefulness and purpose of your dearest one!

I took refuge in the craft room and made a card..........


Hope you are having a good Valentines Day!


Lisa said...

Sue- That sounds like one heckuva mess! So sorry! Hope you managed to get it taken care of in short order!
On a brighter note, your card is lovely! The flower you made is stunning!!

Rosemary said...

oh sue!!! i'm so very sorry that you had to deal with all that today. what a way to start your week. but... the retreat to the craftroom was for the best i think... your card is absolutely stunning!! (so i can only think... adversity must be good for your creativity!!)... hugs!!

Barb said...

Oh my goodness, what a day you had, Sue! Hope it is all cleaned up and dry by now! You poor thing! Can't believe after all that, you made such a GORGEOUS CARD! Love it! Hugs to you! :)

Dawn said...

Sue, your tragic morning had me in fits of giggles... not that it would have been funny to you... but I can just imagine Rob on the phone! Hope it's all sopped up now and your floor is super clean! Love your card. Beautiful flower, stunning colours on your card. Glad your adversity caused such creativity

Cheryl said...

gosh that sounds like one heck of a clean up you have had to do,hope its all sorted now,as for your card its just gorgeous really love that beautiful flower,great layout too love Cherylxx

walchowDesign said...

So sorry to hear that you had a "tsunami" in house and with your organisation skill you managed to solve it!

Look on the bright side, love your card!

Brenda Brown said...

Hope there wasn't too much damage Sue, and that everything is back to normal now.
Love your card, crafting can certainly soothe the frustrations of the day can't it.
hugs {brenda} xox

Jacqueline said...

Aw Sue, how awful to have to clean it up and wait for it dry too!!
In spite of that you came up with a beautiful card!!

Lisa M said...

Hahahaha...a squeegee mop...that's adorable. I doubt you would have called over a puddle. I'm so glad the situation was resolved and I certainly hope no damage was done to your home; other than your nerves, of course.
What is it with Mondays that they are so sacred to misfortunes like this? Never fails, countless other days to be botched, but Mondays have their own personal attraction to disasters.
Quite like the Monday morning I walked into the kitchen to find that the liquid capacity of my countertops were exactly 12 cups of fresh brewed coffee. I'm not proud, I lapped up the first cup. :)

Your card is AMAZING and lovely to see something so beautiful created after such a distraction.
Thank you as always for the humor and the joy of awing over your projects.


Brenda Brown said...

Thanks for the lovely comment and tutorial is up for you - hope it is what you wanted.
hugs {brenda] xox

GrammySue's Creations said...

Hi Sue,

I am so sorry that your kitchen flooded. Hope that things are back to normal. Retreating to your craft room was an excellant idea. Your card is gorgeous--love the flower. Take care and I hope that the rest of your week is a good one.
Hugs to you.

Mary J said...

Oh dear, hope it all got sorted Sue!

What a gorgeous card - beautiful flower!

Greta said...

Well--trauma seems to be good for you--just joking, but I don't think I'd have been able to make a gorgeous card under these circumstances! Hopefully all clean & dry & almost forgotten now!

Jann said...

Your cards are just stunningly beautiful, Sue!!!