Feb 29, 2012

How to make a Lace Flower....

Hello Everyone.
Do you want to know how to make this little lace flower?

Well if you stay on this page I will give you  step by step instructions that you can easily follow, and have it made in 10mins max!

Even ladies who view a needle and thread as something foreign can make these, trust me they are so easy.

Thread a needle with some cotton ( same colour as your lace would be a good start!)
 I have used a white for this tutorial against a cream lace so that you can observe and scrutinise the method.

Choose some soft lace, you can use any width, but keep in mind that the larger your width the bigger your flower.
I have used a 3/4 inch scalloped lace, again it does not have to be scalloped.
Cut a length of 6-10 inches.

Start at the bottom edge and sew little running stitches up to the top and then back down to the bottom, as evenly as possible but, don't fret that your stitches are not exact.
This picture shows the upward  motion.
 Take note of my needle position.
When you reach the top always finish with your needle to the front.
Start your next stitch by looping over, and underneath towards the back of the lace to start the downward stitching.

When you have sewn about halfway gently pull up your stitching........
........ careful now as you do not want them tight, loose and relaxed is better, you will see the lace naturally want to curl that is when you stop.

Curl up the lace into a flower, making it tight at the beginning to form the bud, and work around until you are happy with your size, if it is not big enough continue to sew some more,   until it looks like a perfect Rose/Flower.

When you are happy, cut your lace to within a 1/4inch of your stitching.
Do not remove or tie off your needle and thread.

Tuck your end underneath and sew a little stitch to hold , then sew right up through the flower to catch up all the layers, do this a few times, tweaking the petals as you go.

You should have a finished flower like this and not bulky at the base.

And here are the two side by side, notice how you obtain a different effect depending on what type of lace you use.

You will be seeing these on a card sometime soon from me, but in the meantime why don't you make some up and add as a beautiful element to any project.
Let me know when you have made some or if you have any questions I would love to see how you extend this element onto your creations.

Have a great day.

Feb 21, 2012

Pink and White Card.

Hello Everyone

My title is so bromidic, one would think I could have thought of something more imaginative but it is what it is!
A Pink and White card...........  it is a commissioned one, that I have made many times before, people seem to like these types of cards, which are pretty, soft and Pink.

I typed the Sentiment on White card and warped it in PSE printed it out and cut with Nestabilities Lacey Circles Die-cut.

Added some stitching a pink ribbon and some pearls.
A quick and easy card but very lovely don't you think?

I cut the scallops by hand  from a template using a dinner plate! It worked, and then I stamped the flowers using Colour box Chalk Ink.

MYGRAFICO is having a Challenge #122–Flowers

This is the prize by Sanqunetti Design.
I thought it rather lovely for a digital stamp set, it is rare indeed for me to use any image that is digital, as I do not have that much success with them, I always have a problem with bleeding when I colour up.
But this I like, so thought I would give them the pleasure of entering my card.

Feb 18, 2012

Black and White and.......

Hello All,

"Black and White with a splash of Colour.


 Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for paying me a visit today.

Feb 14, 2012

Water, Water everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone.

I have just had the most traumatic day in my life... (one I can remember anyway).
Envisage if you will.....

A Monday morning, empty of loved ones (work beckons for some in this home) you cannot count the cat as he uses the place for food and sleep and nothing else in-between.
It is peaceful and the sun is shining, it is going to be a fine day, a random statement but one  that was thought of at the time in good faith, all the signs were there.............
 I am looking forward to watching the Rugby sevens as New Zealand are in the Final.
It was just me and the TV remote something to apprise and treasure, as I don't get a look in when dearest one is home, I enjoyed the game even though we lost!

How quickly a day can change........the phone rings, (ring ring, ring ring), I walk to the kitchen  to answer it and noticed how shiny my tiles on the floor are looking, a quick thought passes through my infantile brain, 'oh goodie I won't have to mop the floor today.

Whilst talking on the phone I also notice the tap is running, not literally but with water,  and it is overflowing the bench onto the floor, then I look down at my feet and the carpet is wet, and like an explosion my  infantile brain comes to the realisation that it is not a beautiful shiny floor that I have but a flooded one!!!!!!!!

My first words were 'Oh Blast"or something similar... or not... I can't really remember, I know a bit of panic set in as I tried to wade through to turn off the tap, I couldn't pull the plug out as it was hot, and to avoid second degree burns I had to leave it.
 At this stage my organisational skills kicked in..... right I thought, first thing grab some towels, this was not very effective, and all I seemed to be doing was slosh the water everywhere.
Second thought, ring dearest one after all he sorts out this kind of event every day (he is a Loss adjuster)!
Ha! my saviour will help no worries, I forgot for a brief moment he is from Mars as opposed to Venus and also my dearest one........

 Dearest one says:  'Use a squeegee mop'!  
 My reply:  'I think it requires more than a mop sweetness, the water is like a tsunami coming towards me"!
Dearest one:  'What would you like me to do'?
At this stage in the conversation  my calm demeanour was evaporating as quickly as the water was flowing.
'Sweetness', I say, ' can you just pretend for a moment that I am not your cherished one, but  a client telling you her kitchen is flooding right this minute, what would your advice be to her'?
Silence for a millisecond the other end....
Dearest one: 'I will ring JAE'S  (professional carpet cleaners.)  and sort it out.'
'Oh thank you Sweetness that will be a great help'  Sigh.

The moral of this story:  Do not assume that your well being is based upon a sense of confidence, usefulness and purpose of your dearest one!

I took refuge in the craft room and made a card..........


Hope you are having a good Valentines Day!

Feb 11, 2012

A Best Friend.

Hello Everyone
I have to mention that the sun is shining today, we have not seen very much of it so far...... and we are well into Summer!!!

I have made a little mixed media piece for the top layer; a mish-mash of bits, to add some interest, even though there is plenty of dimension already on the card I wanted to create not so much a collage, but some pastings to make a whole piece.
I used a cast-off that was in the 'craps' box!
Yes I do have quite a bit of detritus lying around, but it is all contained in one place!!!
I covered up the 'eyesore' with Masking Tape (the folds you can see) which I covered in  Gesso, I used my heat gun to create some bubbles, then Perfect pearls powder, some pearls/bling, and  mesh, and lastly the metal butterfly.
It turned out quite better than I imagined, and a wonderful backdrop to the Flower.

The first layer of Bg has had a watercolour wash  then I used various stamps all over in fired brick.

My sentiment is from the 'Crafty Secrets' clear stamp set.
Welcome to all my new followers it is great having you here.

Feb 4, 2012

Today is the Day........

Hello Everyone.
Yes the day has arrived for my first DT card for Our Creative Corner .
I  had a few hiccups getting started only because my blog has a Gremlin that I need to sort out, my edit pencil is absent without leave, and although I have a reasonable comprehension of this little box, it frustrates me that it suffers from anti-social behaviour at such a critical time in my life!!!!!!!!

 Anyway enough of my problems.
This week Sharon is hosting and her theme is "Love is in the Air" a Valentines Card.
 Kraft, Pink and Grey, add some sparkle and don't forget the Valentine Heart.
Why have I highlighted the word G-r-e-y?
Because I know it as the correct spelling, but when I kept seeing it spelt G-r-a-y it had me  flummoxed, initially I just thought it a mistake. So I Googled it!!!!!!!!!!!!
G-r-a-y is a color.
G-r-e-y is a colour 
Both derivations are acceptable, so as there is a choice I will continue with G-r-e-y as I am British!  So no-one least of all me is confused any more.

This is my card:

A Kraft card, the Bg is BazzillBasics 'Love Birds'.
The frame was cut on the Cricut using the 'Fancy Frames' Cartridge, and I inked it up with distress inks.

Here is a close-up.
Are they not the cutest little birdies you have seen today????????

I fussy cut these two cuties and applied glossy accents, then popped them up on corrugated CS. The Zig-Zag stitching was sewn by machine.
My sentiment is from Christina Re clear set, I applied Glossy Accents on this as well.
Bling  made into a flourish for sparkle.

Are you inspired??? 
 If you are please join us in this weeks Challenge, we would love to see your interpretations.
If I haven't got you licking your chops, then all you have to do is pop over to OCC  and view the other inspirational pieces our DT's have made for your perusal, I am sure there will be one there that will meet your needs and send you into the twilight zone!!!!!!!!!!

Your support is wonderful, thanks so much.