Jan 9, 2012

Predominately Purple and paper-clips!

Hello Everyone.
It is still Raining!
But I am not going to verbose about the state of our weather, which will bore you to death...
What I am going to confabulate about though is the current Challenge over at"Less is More" a colour theme which is Predominately Purple.

Purple is the colour of good judgement.
It is the colour of people seeking spiritual fulfilment.
It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. 
 Less is More is a Challenge Blog, where the guidelines are to ensure your entry is
  Clean & Simple. 
A design of card with clean lines, minimal elements, areas of white space and few or no embellishments.
I have made a card, even though my definition of a CAS is probably different to Chrissie and Mandi.
But I wanted to participate as I have a penchant for this colour, and there are not too many Challenges that choose this colour for a theme, so I was excited when I saw the Challenge, but I then became morose when I saw it was Less is More.

How  supercilious does this sound? 

It is just irksome to me, as I have to admit to myself that I am not good at creating such cards (and this does not sit well at all). But I have another idiosyncrasy in my Character and that is tenacity.
 (it sounds better than pigheadedness)!!!!!!

I used this little teeny weeny part of my personality to make the card, to prove yet again that I will not be beaten by a mere Acronym!

 I started with a Purple CS.....
well so far so good....I dug out my under-used Alcohol Inks
and  dabbed wild plum, purple twilight and stonewashed, onto a piece of Acetate until I was happy... it took awhile, and you can imagine the state I and my desk was in by the time it was finished; I forgot to use gloves!
Of course this is where I ponder and cerebrate, as opposed to celebrate...... 
What to do now?

I could leave it as is, it would just be with-in the formula.
But it needs a focus a contrast to create an impact, so I added the HA sentiment with the striped paper-clips.

This is the close -up 
The lines were created by embossing through the Vagabond.

This is where I most probably have disqualified myself in this Challenge. 
I am hopeless, there is always that little bit of devilishness in me to break the RULES.

 But whatever I will enter anyway, as I keep trying and hopefully the rules of engagement will kick in at some stage!!!!
Have I obtained Peace of Mind? 
Perhaps there was not enough Purple around me........yeah right!

It has been an enjoyable 30mins telling you about this I hope I have not fatigued you with my missive.
Have a good week


Chrissie said...

I enjoyed reading this little lot... you had quite a journey there, but at the end of it was this fab card. Your central panel is fabulous... aren't alcohol inks just the greatest!
It's a superb card.
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Kathyk said...

Smashing - love that A.I. panel - gloves? Isn't the benefit of hindsight a wonderful thing!

Welcome to 2012


Rosemary said...

ha ha!!! you earned the badge of approval from chrissie!! hurray!! and it is well deserved...what a fantastic card! so, i guess you are not quite the rule breaker you thought you were!!

Barb said...

Sue, you crack me up! Loved reading this post! I'm still giggling. . .

The card turned out beautifully! Isn't the whole point of alcohol inks to get inky? I never wear gloves! :)

Dawn said...

Tee Hee... Sue I'm still smiling. Your post is so YOU. Your card is wonderful. I haven't had my alcohol inks out for quite some time either. Love the background they created. For you, a CAS as it gets!!!!

Jacqueline said...

The result is gorgeous! Love how you used your alcohol inks Sue.

Lisa M said...

I'm grateful for the second photo as the first does no justice to the details.
I was mesmerized by the color mixtures and patterns. Almost hate to put something over the top of it, but the hello n' clips is perfect!
Purple...what a fascinating color. ;)

Mandi said...

Superb inking effective
A gorgeous mixture of purple shades

Thank you so much
"Less is More"

Marlena M. said...

Such an awesome effect! I'm so glad you made it YOU. I love those paperclips. ;)

Jenni's Jems said...

Love the effect that you have created on the acetate gorgeous ! x

Suzilou said...

What a great effect and love the colours :)

Evelyn S. said...

I love your 'clean and simple' purple card, Sue! It LOOKS CAS...nothing fussy or busy about it, in my opinion. (I do like that texture on the inked layer!)

walchowDesign said...

Funny post and what did your DH say when he came home and found the colourful purple table!!

The card turned beautifully with the color tones and love the stripey look on the card, Sue!

Cindy Adkins said...

WOW, Sue, you have stellar results--This is an awesome card!!! and it's so "artsy!" I LOVE it!!! xo Cin

Lisa A. said...

Ohhhhh...how very pretty!! Love how you made the look of this...just beautiful!!