Jan 31, 2012

I am very excited this week because...........

 Hello Everyone.
Last week I was bemoaning the fact that my creativity was prostrate on the floor, well there is nothing like great news to become vertical in an instant, and spring forth with inspiration that is cascading like a waterfall.

This was in my in-box:
Dear Sue
 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your amazing creations and wonderful work have earned you a spot on the design team for Our Creative Corner. 

This is the reason I have been so quiet, the surprise was thrilling to say the least, I could use a number of superlatives to give you a picture of what I was like that day, but suffice to say my dearest one was glad to get to bed that night!!!
I had thought long and hard about applying for a position as a DT  but I always made excuses on why I could not commit, but when OCC put out a calling, well I just had to give it a go, as this was one of the first Challenge Blogs I followed and where I met the very talented

Linda Coughlin  (funkiejunkie.)

Grab Our Badge
So please support me in my first DT position, it all starts on Feb 4th, and although I am excited I am also a little anxious with my first entry, hoping it will be up to the mark as they have some exceptional girls on the team.

 I have even been slack in visiting you all so please accept my apologies I will settle down soon!
I just want to add my congratulations to my fellow DT's
Hope you are all having a great week.



Mary J said...

Oh my, congrats honey!!! You are so talented and I can't wait to be even MORE inspired by you!

Rosemary said...

oh HOOORAY!!!! i am so very EXCITED for you sue!!! our creative corner could not have chosen a better crafter to join their design team!!! i am soo going to start checking out their challenges!! big hugs and smiles my friend!!!

Evelyn S. said...

Again, congratulations, Sue! You'll be a great DT member!

MarcyK924 said...

YAY!! Congrats sistah teammate! I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of your work, so this is no surprise! I really look forward to spending this term with you and all the other gals! Hugs, Marcy XO

Dawn said...

a BIG CONGRATULATIONS my friend. I am so happy for you. Well deserve. Can't wait for your first samples.

Createology said...

Huge congratulations. No worries about your wonderful talents and creating for your new team! Blissful Creating...

Barb said...

How exciting!! Yippee! I'm so happy for you, Sue! I'm in the same boat with just starting on my first DT position too, so I know just how you feel. The nerves, and the commitment. But it all ends up being so worth it! Big congrats to you, my friend! YAY!!!! :)

Lisa M said...

Well no wonder you had a difficult time visiting blogs, it's too hard to type when you're flying high!!

You shall kick posterior as a DT!
I'm so happy for you, Sue.

WOO HOO!!!!! Phew, just had to get that last one out. :D

Big hugs and high fives.

Lisa said...

WoW! Exciting news Sue! Big congrats to you!! I know you'll do them proud as a DT :)

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Congratulations again, Sue. So happy you'll be joining us. Looking forward to designing along side you for the next six months!


cardcreationsnz said...

Congratulations on being in your first DT. A very exciting time. I look forward to seeing your creations.

walchowDesign said...

Super congrats to your first DT post, Sue! I'm so excited for you too and looking forward to see more of your creations!

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations Sue - so happy for you!

GrammySue's Creations said...

Hi Sue,
I am very thrilled for you and Congratulations. I love and admire your work. Thanks for your sweet comments and your encouragement that you leave on my blog. Hugs to you.

Anita Houston said...

Hi Sue...love this write up! You are going to do great...look at your awesome work! I look forward to working with you and I know you will be an inspiration to me!!!