Jan 28, 2011

Fluttering by.....

Friday the end of the working week! (well for some of us.)
I am one of the lucky people who do not have to get up in the mornings and head off into the traffic and do a days work for somebody else!!!!!
Thank goodness those days are over but I have to admit at the time, when I had to give up nursing I was a little apprehensive.
But I am ever optimistic and firmly believe that when one door closes another opens.
It took awhile, but one opened into Blogland.
So now I hop on the Computer everyday, at a time of my own choosing, it is great.
If this had not happened. YOU  lovely people out there would not have the benefit of seeing my creations.
(the Good and the Bad!!)

So for today's card.
I took a few pictures to make it interesting for you so that you do not become bored with just looking at a card on it's own.
I thought I would tease you a little!
Plus it has the added benefit of you really seeing what the elements actually look like close up.
I am leaving myself wide open here for criticism, but that is okay, constructive criticism I can do, no problem go for it!!

                                                 THE FLOWER

                                                THE BUTTERFLY'S


I made the background paper using watercolours, these are my favourite colours.
I do not always succeed  with the effect I want, but I do like this paper.
Any questions on the card please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Dawn said...

Sue. what a wonderful background you created. Such pretty colours. Your butterflies are so special. I just love anything with butterflies. I am looking forward to getting a first hand look when I visit this afternoon!!!!!!!

joey said...

Hi Sue

this is beautiful, I love the colour of the background you created the butterflies are placed perfectly.

Joey xx

Rhonda said...

Sue, that card is gorgeous I love all those butterflies.

Dawn said...

Back to say Sue, it looks even more impressive in real life. Thanks for a lovely afternoon!

GrammySue's Creations said...

Hi Sue, your card is gorgeous--the butterflies are beauties. You did an awesome job.

Barb said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of you and Dawn living so close to each other! Wish I could have been there too. . .would love to meet the two of you! I must say this is one of the most beautiful cards you've made! I absolutely love it! The colors, your amazing flower and those gorgeous butterflies! Just so pretty! Hugs to you!

Adeline Ng said...

Hi Sue, this is such a lovely card, I love the background and the flowers and the butterflies too! I don't think you would ever get any criticism, only praises! I just become a follower!

Adeline Ng said...

Oops, grammatical error, "I just became a follower!"

Evelyn S. said...

So beautiful....soft and airy....and wonderful, Sue!

Renlymat's World of Family & Crafts said...

Sue, you always make the most wonderful flowers. This is beautiful as usual.