Dec 28, 2010

Five special christmas cards

Favourite Cards.

                         I loved the way the beads worked on the Candle.
                        This one because I did not use Traditional colours,
                              and I made my own background paper.                    
                         I love the colours that I made the rose out of, I have tried to
                          recreate the paper but alas to no avail, I must get into the
                            habit of recording the colours I use when painted. 
This one because it is so vintage.

Have a great Day.
Smiles as always:)


Dawn said...

they are all so lovely Sue. Love the vintage one... ( a bit like the one I got from you me thinks)but my favourite would be the candle one. It has so much texture. Did you think it was hard to choose just 5!!! I know I did. The one to you was in the running... I could have chosen 10 easily~~

Ann said...

Love your ribbon weaving - I too have had a go at that. Looks fab.
All great cards - not surprised they are your favourites.
All the best for the New Year.
Ann xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh WOW these are gorgeous.
Thank you for joining in my challenge.

Barb said...

Too difficult to pick a fave! They are all sooo beautiful! Happy New Year to you, Sue!

Renlymat's World of Family & Crafts said...

It's tough to choose but I think Hedgie or Santa are my favorite. Happy New Year and when you get a chance check my blog...I have something for you!